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Free Demon Rias Scale Figure Only Comes With Anime Box Subscription

The only anime box with scale figures, voting, and ecchi!

  • 1:9 scale anime figures
  • 3-4 exclusives from anime you love
  • Collectible item in every anime box
  • Ecchi option, so lewd!
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55,000+ otakus worldwide love The Otaku Box!

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Collectible anime card
Collector Card
Exclusive Mikasa Collector Card
Retail Value: $10.00
Necklace from an anime box
Featuring favorite anime characters
Retail Value: $9.99
DXD Rias t-shirt
Anime T-Shirt
Exclusive anime shirt featuring artwork you voted on
Retail Value: $30.00
Anime based calendar
Anime Calendar
Limited edition Otaku Box Calendar
Retail Value: $12.99
Rias Gremory figure with wings
Anime Figure
1:9 Scale anime figure
Retail Value: $80.00
Anime box button
Exclusive Coin
Collectible Anime Coin
Retail Value: $40.00
Anime box wallscroll
Exclusive Wall Scroll
Features exclusive artwork from the vote form
Retail Value: $20.00
Mini figure in anime box
Mini Figure
Collectable mini figure from popular anime
Retail Value: $25.00
Zero two Hat
Baseball Hat
Exclusive hat featuring popular anime
Retail Value: $20.00
Anime card binder
Card Binder
Exclusive Liz Card Binder to collect cards
Retail Value: $30.00

Loot you're missing
out on!

Get 4-6 anime items designed by Liz
and inspired by your vote.

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How it works

How it works

Liz packing the anime box Choose your items

Pick your free bonus anime figure and add a t-shirt or upgrade to a scale anime figure!

Liz packing the anime box Place your order

You’ll check out and enter your payment details (100% secure!).

Liz packing the anime box Vote for your favs!

After checkout you’ll get to vote for the anime titles and art you want!

Liz packing the anime box Get your anime box

Yay! You get a box full of anime goodies, and three are always exclusive!

What is The Otaku Box?

What is The Otaku Box?

The Otaku Box is a anime subscription box of anime items delivered to your home every month!

Each box includes anime items that are inspired by your vote and designed by Liz!

What is The Otaku Box?
Vote for your favorite figure Vote for your favorite figure Vote for your favorite figure Vote for your favorite figure
What is The Otaku Box?

Vote for your
favorite anime figure

Indulge in your passions and explore a world where you can 'Pick Your Waifus' with a click.

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Vote for your favorite t-shirt Vote for your favorite t-shirt Vote for your favorite t-shirt Vote for your favorite t-shirt
Vote for your favorite t-shirt

Vote for your
favorite t-shirt

Cast your vote for the next iconic t-shirt design and watch your fashion preferences come to life.

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Vote for your favorite art Vote for your favorite art Vote for your favorite art Vote for your favorite art
Vote for your favorite art

Vote for your
favorite wall scroll

It's your turn to play the critic and decide which masterpiece deserves the spotlight.

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...and more...

100% not for your mom or kids

Yes, you can get ecchi loot if you want it!

Wishing you could enjoy the other side of anime? Simply choose the 'uncensored' option when subscribing to The Otaku Box, and you'll receive ecchi anime collectibles every month.

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Exclusive Items

Each anime monthly box includes an anime figure (yes, really!), a wall scroll, and 4-6 more items!

Add On Items

Add on items to customize your box! Want an exclusive scale anime figure? You got it! Love anime t-shirts? You got that, too!

More Than You Expect

3+ items each month are exclusives. Up to $125 in retail value in every anime box. Starts at just $29.95!

Rare Items

Get items you won't see anywhere else and anime collectibles, too! You will run out of shelf space soon.

Grow Your Collection

Get exclusive anime figures to grow your anime toy collection quickly. Some even have removable tops!

Surprises Every Month

"I never thought I'd see that as an anime item!" - useful and fun items from your favorite anime!

Community Access

Want to chat with others that love anime? I've got the perfect place for you: my Otaku Community!

24/7 Customer Support

Have a problem? Email support and get a response in less than 8 hours.

55,000+ people love
The Otaku Box

Check out these videos from your favorite YouTubers who also love The Otaku Box!

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Influencer presenting the Anime box items Play Button
Influencer presenting the Anime box items Play Button
Influencer presenting the Anime box items Play Button
Influencer presenting the Anime box items Play Button
Influencer presenting the Anime box items Play Button
Level Up Get rewarded

Level up your Otaku Box

The longer you stay a subscriber, the more you’re rewarded!

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Master Level

Master Level

After three months you’ll obtain Master Level, and receive a bonus item and a certificate!

Hero Level

Hero Level

After six months you'll reach Hero Level, and get a bonus item plus a certificate.

Legendary Level

Legendary Level

After twelve months you'll hit Legendary Level! You get a Legendary Certificate, and a bonus item will be in every box.

Join the TOB Community
The otaku box forum

Join the

Check out my amazing forum and participate in discussions about your favorite waifus, fun anime memes, and more!

Join the community

Hi, I’m Liz!

I grew up watching Dragon Ball Z and Sailor Moon, but I got frustrated when I couldn’t find loot from my favorite titles.

So, I created The Otaku Box, the only box where *you* get to influence what you get! So, subscribe now for awesome anime loot that includes an anime figure in every box, and yes, ecchi is an option!

-Liz 🌸

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What other Otakus are saying about The Otaku Box?

"What's there to not like? Everything I've gotten from my boxes so far are good quality and I plan to keep my subscription until I have no more room for oppai figures."

Zakk Check mark

"I've loved every box that I've received so far and I'm sure that I'll continue to enjoy each box in the future. Each product has great quality and detail and I'll gladly continue being a supporter."

Jose Hernandez Check mark

"The shirt is super comfortable, the figures were well made, and the communication from Otaku Box was fantastic. It’s definitely worth the money and I’ll be ordering again in the future."

Haley Agnes Check mark

"Subscribed for a year and i have loved every box!"

Sean Check mark

"First time ordering monthly subscription off the internet and not at all disappointed."

Vern Check mark

"I've been ordering The Otaku Box for almost 3 years and I love it"

CrystalBlue Check mark

"Me and my wife love getting our monthly box always has a bunch of goodies from various animes."

Bob Lazorath Check mark

"Great boxes! Good quality items in the box and very helpful with any issues. Highly recommend!"

Eddie Thomas Check mark

"I have been receiving a box for almost two years and have always loved the contents of each box."

The Marlboro Man Check mark

"I've been getting the box for over a year I love all of my figures the shirts that I get are just totally awesome and the other swag I've just been making one heck of a collection."

Robert Hartwig Check mark

"This is a great crate full of fun and cool stuff always look fwd to the next month. Join us in the otaku family."

Jacob Price Check mark

"Everything is always SO pretty cute when it gets to me. I always look forward to seeing what’s next. Liz, you’re doing amazingly!"

Tyler Alvarez Check mark

"Everything in the boxes is amazing. Liz is great at what she does in making sure everything is perfect."

Jordan Check mark

"Love the boxes always fun and new."

Austin Vasconcellos-Byrd Check mark

"Liz constantly takes feedback and listens to what her customers want. I’ve never been more satisfied with a subscription box."

Halee Snyder Check mark

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Frequently asked questions

How does The Otaku Box work?

Every month you'll receive a box full of fun anime items from anime titles you voted on. The winning animes are featured in the box every month. Each otaku box comes with a wall scroll, exclusive metal card, 1:9 scale figure (optional), and 4 - 6 more anime items.

Unlike other anime subscription boxes, The Otaku Box is influenced by a community vote of subscribers. You get to vote on the artwork on the wall scroll, the shirt and the anime titles featured each month. I also offer fanservice (ecchi) for the wall scroll!

Is there a fee to join, and what about shipping?

Yes, there’s a fee per box of $29.95. Shipping is $8.99 in the US. Shipping is automatically added to your subscription total during checkout.

When am I billed?

You pay for your first box at checkout. Make sure to check the prices and what you've added to the box. The box price starts at $29.95.

You will be charged again on the 1st of the month, even if you subscribe on the last day of the ongoing month.

There is a possibility you get charged again before your first box was shipped. But, DON'T PANIC, you will receive your box! Due to global shipping problems, delivery can be delayed.

When does my anime box ship?

If you purchased a box between the 1st and the 7th of the month, your box will ship that month on the 24th. If you purchased after the 7th, your box will ship at the end of the same month.

Every next box will be shipped on the 24th of the month.

There is a possibility you will get charged again before your first box has shipped (You made an order on the 28th, for example). But, DON'T PANIC, you will receive your box! Due to global shipping problems, delivery can be delayed.

How easy is it to cancel?

Too easy! Cancel at any time, and there is no penalty or fee. Simply fill in the cancellation form at and select to cancel your subscription. Please note that requests made through the form will take up to 24 hours to process. Cancellation requests made the day after the billing date will be applied to the next billing date. For refunds, see the Refund FAQ section.

How and when do I vote for the titles and art I'd like to see?

1. At the beginning of every month I update the list of anime titles you can vote on based on availability (I reset all of the old votes received each month, because not all titles from the previous month will have products available)

2. Make sure you vote before the 6th of each month by following the link you received via email. If you lost it, just click hereDetails.

3. The art with the most votes will be featured on the wall scroll, while the losing artwork will be featured on the vote again at a later date (we all need a second chance). The winning shirt design is included in the box for those that add the shirt. The anime titles with the most votes that month will have items featuring them included in the box.

Note: boxes are not individually personalized.

What is the prize anime figure size?

All new prize anime figures are made in 1:9 scale, 6 to 7 1/2 inches tall (15 to 19 centimeters). Very often anime figures are made in different positions (sitting, on their knees, etc). Be aware, these anime figures will not be as tall as the standing anime figures.

What will I get, and what kind of anime figure is included?

Each Otaku Box includes a 16×24” cloth wall scroll and an exclusive metal card. You get to vote on the artwork featured on the wall scroll! Add-on items like the shirt and 1:9 scale anime figure are options during checkout. All of the above, plus 4-6 extra anime-themed items, are in every Otaku Box.

Potential items include clothing, jewelry, plushies, keychains, folders, pens/pencils, chopsticks, phone cases, small art pieces, cards, pins, stickers, coins, small figurines, and more. No, there are no spoilers at all! I love keeping every box a mystery.

The 1:9 scale figure is an add-on! With the shirt, you can vote on what shirt design appears in the box. You can remove the add-on choices from your subscription if you decide to change your mind after getting a box. Hope to have you as a subscriber soon, and if you have questions, please email me at support [@]

What's the refund policy?

There are no refunds except in the case of the money back guarantee. Subscriptions are self managed and you have full control over your subscription, you may cancel at any time.

Refunds will be processed in 7-14 working days.

Is the site secure?

Yes! I use 100% bank level encryption provided by Shopify, a global leader in E-commerce.

Is my information secure?

Yes! Even I can’t see your billing information, so it’s completely safe on my end!

How does the guarantee work?

New customers can receive a refund before their first box ships. If your box has already shipped, you are not eligible for a refund. If you've received more than one box in the past, this guarantee does not apply to you and you are not eligible for a refund.

Refunds will be processed in 7-14 working days.

Does each anime box have a theme, and how does the voting work?

Instead of a theme, subscribers get to vote on their favorite anime titles, and those with the majority vote are featured in that months box. The vote form is sent to you when you subscribed, but if you lost it you can click hereDetails.

How does leveling up work?

The longer you stay a subscriber, the higher your level becomes! There are three levels: Master, Hero, and Legendary. After being subscribed for three months, you'll achieve Master Rank, earning a Master Certificate, a bonus item, and an exclusive collectible for free! Six months of subscription advances you to Hero Level, where you'll receive a Hero Certificate, another bonus item, and another exclusive collectible in your box, also for free! Once you've been subscribed for 12 months, you'll reach Legendary Level, receiving a Legendary Certificate, an exclusive collectible that only my Legendary subscribers can get, and a bonus item in every box. How cool is that?

To gain levels, simply remain a subscriber. However, canceling your subscription will result in the immediate loss of levels gained. For example, if you cancel your subscription on the third of the month—the month you achieved Master Level—you will still receive the certificate and the bonus item. But if you resubscribe later, you will not retain the Master Level.

How can I get in touch with you?

Please don't hesitate to contact me:

How does the Otaku Forum work?

The Otaku Forum is a place for anyone interested in anime, manga, anime figures, gaming, and any other hobbies. This is a safe place for anyone to discuss, rant, talk, and share.
To join, all you need to do is go to and create a profile.
To see all beginner guides and community guidelines, please check this Topic.
To install the Discourse App, please check this Topic.

What Is an Anime Box?

An anime box is a subscription box for otakus! Subscribers receive surprise anime merchandise of their favorite anime and manga every month! What you get with the Otaku Box isn't random either; you can vote on your favorite anime to be featured.

Another big plus is that the reasonable price saves you time looking for anime items in stores. Many subscribers feel that receiving a box of fun anime merch is like a birthday or Christmas gift every month!

There are different styles of anime boxes out there to fit different tastes, too! Some packages are for otakus who prefer to stick with specific items such as manga or Japanese candy and those who'd rather have a little bit of everything. The Otaku Box offers a bit of everything for all!

Need to know more?

You can find more information hereDetails.

Did you miss a previous anime box scale figure?

Log in to your account and visit the anime figure store. You can purchase past anime figures or items that are still in stock. Please note that I produce a limited quantity of each item. Once they are sold out, they won't be restocked.