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5 Anime Tokyo Mew Mew Fans Need to Watch

The wait is finally over! Tokyo Mew Mew New has finally premiered and for lovers of magical girl animes who just can’t seem to get enough, I’ve prepared a list! Here’s 5 animes Tokyo Mew Mew fans need to watch!

Tokyo Mew Mew New, Season 1, Episode 1


Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon

Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon, Season 1, Episode 21

Most animes fan know about Sailor Moon even if they aren’t fans of the magical girl genre. Sailor Moon protagonist, Usagi Tsukino, and Momomiya have a lot in common though Usagi is more of a clumsy crybaby. Just like Momomiya, Usagi's life changes suddenly after an animal-related encounter! Though Usagi’s magical girl transformation is sparked after meeting a cat named Luna with a crescent moon on its head, the similarities between the two shows are uncanny!

Cardcaptor Sakura

Cardcaptor Sakura, Season 1, Episode 2

Although Cardcaptor Sakura shows the life of Sakura Kinomoto, who is much younger than the other heroines (she is only in fourth grade), her life is suddenly flipped upside down after stumbling upon a book of cards named The Clow. In order to save the world, Sakura must capture all the magic cards on her important mission to save the world. Check out this adventure-filled comedy that any Tokyo Mew Mew fan is sure to love!

Smile Precure!

Smile Precure!, Season 1, Episode 13

Miyuki Hoshizora loves fairy tales and feels entranced by the different worlds they show. A chain of events instigates Miyuki’s transformation into Cure Happy, a member of the legendary warriors Precure.

The anime follows a familiar premise of multiple magical girls joining forces to defeat the forces of evil with an adorable art style, and for Tokyo Mew Mew fans, it won’t be hard to dive right in!

Futari wa Precure

Futari wa Precure, Season 1, Episode 37

Another Precure series but this time we follow the lives of two middle-schoolers named Nagisa Misumi and Honoka Yukishiro. The two girls may have polar opposite personalities but they have one thing in common - they’re both legendary warriors! The story shares a lot of similarities to Smile Precure and Tokyo Mew Mew. Watch as two very different girls battle to defeat the forces of evil in their world!

Shugo Chara!

Shugo Chara!, Season 2, Episode 65

Another classic magical girl anime that Tokyo Mew Mew fans are sure to love is Shugo Chara! Amu Hinamori has trouble making friends after rumors spread about her personality. One day, she wakes up and finds three hearts eggs in her bed and each egg has a guardian character. However, the appearance of her guardian characters causes a group of students with similar powers to take notice, resulting in a quest to discover the mysteries behind the X eggs and the organization at the center of it! Though Shugo Chara! has a bit more mystery, it is still an anime guaranteed to be enjoyed by Tokyo Mew Mew fans!

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