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5 Best Anime to Watch if You Love Spy x Family Anime

The Spy x Family anime has taken the world by storm. Within a month of its premiere, Spy x Family has already placed itself as one of the Top 5 Anime on MyAnimeList. The anime is based on the manga series of the same name written and illustrated by Tatsuya Endo.

The story follows the adventures of our main protagonist Loid Forger, Codename: Twilight, the greatest spy in the world. His latest mission is to investigate a politician who doesn’t make public appearances except for his son’s school functions. In order to succeed on his mission, Loid must have a family and send his non-existent child to this elite school.

He adopts little Anya to play the role of his daughter, as she seems to be the smartest of the children at the adoption center, Loid adopts her, having no knowledge that Anya is secretly an esper (someone with psychic abilities)! Shortly after, our top spy protagnist marries a woman named Yor, who is just as desperate for a fake relationship as he is in order to hide her profession: she is secretly an assassin. Anya, being an esper, finds out the secrets of her new parents, but she doesn’t reveal them. Why? Because she thinks it’s very cool!

For so many years, the animes that have dominated the market have been action-packed battle shonens. So when a show like Spy x Family dropped, with its perfect combination of heavy plot drama and slice-of-life wholesomeness, people instantly loved it.

We have created the perfect list for you people who want more of the hilarious and heartwarming adventure stories like that of the Spy x Family characters. Here are the 5 best anime you should watch if you love Spy x Family:

5. Hinamatsuri

One day a vortex drops a strange object on the head of Nitta Yoshifumi, a yakuza. Inside that object is a young girl named Hina who uses her esper powers to force Nitta to allow her to live with him. And so begins the strange life of Nitta and Hina, a yakuza and an esper.

4. Usagi Drop

When Daikichi Kawachi’s grandfather passes away, the 30-year-old bachelor returns to his family home to pay his respects. There he meets 6 years old Rin, his grandfather's illegitimate daughter. He adopts Rin, and so Daickichi’s journey as a father starts.

3. Kakushigoto

Kakushi Gotou is a popular lewd manga artist. He tries to keep his work a secret from his young and innocent daughter. This slice-of-life comedy explores the relationship between father and daughter and the plight of an adult manga creator.

2. Sweetness & Lightning

High school teacher Kouhei Inuzuka is trying to raise his young daughter alone after the death of his wife. He meets Kotori, one of his students, and together they share delicious food. The anime explores the meaning of family and the value of warm meals.

1. Kotaro Lives Alone

Similarly to Spy x Family’s Anya, Kotaro Lives Alone follows a peculiar young boy Kotaro who moves into an apartment complex all alone. Baffled by the unusual situation of a child living by himself, Kotaro’s neighbors decide to care for him. The series follows a hostess, a somewhat shady man, and primarily an aspiring manga artist caring for their new neighbor. This series will have you laughing one minute, and crying the next.

Like the Forger family, all the families in these beautifully written stories will warm your hearts.

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