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All Merch Items Sent In the February 2024 Anime Box (SFW)

The best anime subscription box you'll ever see!

What's in February anime box from The Otaku Box
February 2024 Anime Box - The Otaku Box

Hello, my fellow otaku!

Are you looking for anime merchandise? Something useful and unique, perhaps? I’m Liz, and I have the most amazing anime goodies you can think of!

As the creator of this amazing anime mystery box, I’m responsible for finding and preparing the best anime merch for my subscribers: like the stuff they received in their February anime boxes!

What’s In The Box?

Sample anime box with the merchandise from February 2024
Anime Merch in February 2024 Anime Box

Here at The Otaku Box, most of the anime merchandise in mystery boxes is designed by me and created exclusively for each month’s box. They are also sent according to each subscriber’s plan and preferences.

That means each anime box is unique and prepared with love and care! Not all boxes have the same items.

Here are all the items prepared for February’s anime mystery boxes.

Mini Figure Set: Inuyasha

Set of mini figures featuring characters from the anime Inuyasha, sent in February's anime box
Inuyasha Mini Figure Set - The Otaku Box

All my beloved otakus deserve an anime figure, so I always include one in my anime boxes.

In February 2024, subscribers received one adorable two-inch-tall figure from Inuyasha! The available characters in the set are Inuyasha, Kikyo, Sango, and Shippo.

Attack on Titan Wallet (Exclusive Item!)

I must confess I miss Attack on Titan. Now, my subscribers and I will have Eren watch our expenses! This Attack on Titan wallet is slim and practical, so it’s easy to carry everywhere.

Remember: taking care of your money is freedom.

Wall Scroll: Hitagi Senjougahara

For February’s wall scroll, subscribers chose a charming art of Hitagi from the Monogatari Series through vote. She looks beautiful and elegant in this artwork.

This item has a NSFW variant with nudity for subscribers who opted to receive ecchi items!

T-Shirt: Attila The Hun

Anime T-Shirt featuring Altera, from Fate Series, sent in February's Anime Box
Attila The Hun Graphic T-Shirt - The Otaku Box

Another great choice of my subscribers was the design for February's anime t-shirt! Those who included this add-on to their subscriptions can now show off this stylish print featuring the Saber Altera from the Fate franchise, also known as Attila, the Hun!

One Piece Silicone Egg Shapers (Exclusive Item!)

From now on, all my subscribers can boost their energy to explore the world with a special breakfast! I designed this pair of silicone egg shapers exclusively for this box, and they are meant for my most loyal crew.

Sword Art Online Bouncy Acrylic Figure (Exclusive Item!)

Asuna is one of the most cherished waifus and one of my favorite anime girls! This acrylic figure is small and cute and would fit any nook or corner. But I suggest sticking it to a car dashboard or wherever it can bounce with movement.

1:9 Scale Anime Figure: Dangerous Woman

Sexy anime figure of Chisato Hasegawa sent in February's anime box
1:9 scale Anime Figure - The Otaku Box

If a mini-figure isn’t enough to satisfy my subscribers, they can replace it with a sexy 1:9 scale anime figure! They always feature a beautiful waifu like Chisato Hasegawa from The Testament of Sister New Devil.

Waifu Card #50: Irina Jelavić

The waifu card of the month features the dangerous and stunning assassin Irina Jelavić! I love this artwork because she looks cute and strong from this angle. As usual, the back of the card has more information about this waifu.

This item has a NSFW variant with nudity for subscribers who opted to receive ecchi items!

VIP Item: Demon Slayer Magnets

I found the most adorable Demon Slayer magnets! When I saw them, I knew they’d make the perfect bonus merch for subscribers who have reached Master, Hero, or Legendary levels!

The characters featured are Tanjiro, Nezuko, Zenitsu, Inosuke and Giyu. Subscribers eligible to receive a VIP Item received two magnets.

Feeling Interested?

More amazing anime merch is coming every month, so don’t worry if you couldn’t get February’s box! Let’s focus on the future.

If you have any questions about my anime mystery boxes or want to check things out a little longer before subscribing, I invite you to join my online forum, the Otaku Community! You’ll make many otaku friends and see what my subscribers have been saying about the boxes they’ve received!

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