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Anime Boob Physics: Saeko Busujima from High School of the Dead and 5 Other Anime With The Craziest Boob Physics

Who is going to tame these crazy oppais?

Six crazy anime boob gifs for your delight
Keijo!!!!!!!! , Season 1, Episode 1 || Credits:

Physics in anime is sometimes inaccurate and exaggerated, especially when it comes to anime boobs. Generally, animators do that to make waifus even sexier as their oppais jiggle nonstop. The more they bounce, the happier the ecchi fans get!

However, sometimes they get out of control. Some scenes are rather crazy, like the ones from this collection of animated gifs I gathered just for you.

Oh, and I also share the shows so you know what to expect as far as boobs go if you watch them.

Slap The Dragon’s Boobs

Kobayashi, from the anime Miss Kobayashi Dragon Maid, slaps Ilulu's boobs
Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid, Season 2, Episode 1 || Credits:

Wow! What a painful slap! Ilulu’s attempt to seduce Kobayashi might have failed, but we were left with this hypnotic moment of massive boobs moving. Ilulu’s introduction in Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid S (the second season of the show) was indeed intense overall, but this boob jiggle is something else.

Anime Boobs Or Dimensional Pockets?

Ginrei, from the anime Giant Robot,  getting a bazooka from her boobs
Giant Robot Gaiden Ginrei, OVA, Episode 2 || Credits:

I came across this scene and a series of unexpected situations starring Ginrei’s assets in the “Giant Robo: Ginrei Special” OVA from the ’90s. This old-school waifu gets a bazooka out of her chest in the scene! And as odd as it seems, I must say this is rather practical.

Hello There!

Kirika Misono's boobs bouncing heavily
Eiken, OVA, Episode 2 || Credits: Minerva P Kelley (Tumblr)

I never thought that turning around could get things moving so much! Kirika Misono, from the ecchi anime Eiken, loves using her gigantic boobs to tease others. But teasing even us otakus with these massive bouncing tatas is a cruel move! Keep going, Kirika.

TOP 3: Beware Of The Oppai Drill!

Anime boob technique from the anime Keijo
Keijo!!!!!, Season 1, Episode 10 || Credits: Minerva P Kelley (Tumblr)

Pie Pile Piper or (Perky Pile Piper) is the name of this dangerous attack performed by Sanae Hououin in "Keijo!!!!!!!!". As she twirls her boobs like a drill, she can stab her opponents and send them flying away.

This technique has a more impressive (and stranger) variation called Gigantic Pie Pile Piper in the manga!

TOP 2: Just What Happened Here?

Insane Yayoi Kuribayashi's boobs rotation in the anime Mouse
Mouse, Opening || Credits: Minerva P Kelley (tumblr)

One of the most insane physics in the history of anime boobs is certainly Yayoi Kuribayashi’s from the Intro of Mouse(MØUSE), an ecchi anime! Pay close attention; you'll see her left and right oppais switching positions!

TOP 1: Supersonic Boobs!

Saeko Busujima from High School of the Dead, and her supersonic anime boobs
High School of the Dead, Season 1, Episode 8 || Credits:

This one’s the craziest physics applied to anime boobs I’ve ever seen! And what makes it crazier than Yayoi’s boob twist above is that it was done intentionally (assuming the other one was just a blooper)!

Back in the day, this High School of the Dead scene was discussed, and otakus did the math! Saeko Busujima’s boobs moved at supersonic speed to dodge that bullet!

Crazy for Crazy Anime Boobs!

No matter how crazy the physics animators apply to them, anime boobs are gems for fans of ecchi and manga. For fun or pleasure, they brighten our lives like nothing else!

Can you remember other crazy scenes involving anime boobs? Please share them with my fellow otakus and me at The Otaku Community. And stick around to see other fantastic oppai moments!

Image from

Animated Gifs from and Minerva P Kelley (Tumblr)

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