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'Attack on Titan' Final Season has returned, and part 3 is here!

It’s hard to believe the moment has finally come!

Eren's Founding Titan
Attack on Titan, Season 4, Part 3, Official Trailer || Credits: Attack on Titan IMDb

It's an exciting moment for otakus, especially Attack on Titan fans like me!

Ten years after the first episode premiered, we are about to watch the ending of this iconic show!

Attack on Titan (Shingeki no Kyojin) is originally a manga from 2009 consisting of 34 volumes created by Hajime Isayama.

While the manga series ended in 2021, the anime adaptation went through issues that affected the production, and, as a result, Attack on Titan fans are still waiting for its conclusion.

But the wait is (almost) over!

About Attack on Titan Final Season Part 3

Eren faces the Colossal Titan
Attack on Titan, Season 1, Episode 4 || Credits: Attack on Titan IMDb

After so long, the ending of the final arc will release this year, but not as the regular twenty-minute episodes fans expect.

The first half of Attack on Titan Final Season part 3 aired on March 4 as a one-hour special!

The second half will be in the same format, and while the exact release date is unknown, we will still watch it in 2023.

Seasons, parts and episodes

There are so many episodes, specials, and spin-offs. Otakus, who didn't follow the anime from the beginning or want to catch up in time for the final arc, might not be sure what to watch.

If you are one of those people, don't fret! I am here to help you!

Eren Jager at the age of 19
Attack on Titan, Season 4, Episode 19 || Attack on Titan IMDb

This is how the main series, with all its seasons and parts, are organized:

  • Attack on Titan Season 1 (2013): Episodes 1 - 25;
  • Attack on Titan Season 2 (2017): Episodes 26 - 37;
  • Attack on Titan Season 3
    • Part 1 (2018): Episodes 38 - 49;
    • Part 2 (2019): Episodes 50 - 59;
  • Attack on Titan Season 4 (The Final Season)
    • Part 1 (2020-2021): Episodes 60 - 75;
    • Part 2 (2022): Episodes 76 - 87;
    • Part 3 (The current one)
      • First half (2023): Special Episode
      • Second Half (2023): Special Episode (not released yet)

If you don't think you can watch all the episodes in time for the grand finale, an alternative is to watch the movie Attack on Titan: Chronicle. It's a recap of seasons one to three. Then you can start watching the episodes from season four.

It’s time to say goodbye!

Yay! I can't believe this moment has come, at last!

Attack on Titan is a masterpiece that has influenced other works, anime or not, with its story, characters, and action scenes. I believe this influence will last for many years.

However, after so many delays and breaks, fans deserve a glorious conclusion, and that's what I expect to watch when the second half comes out.

Ten years is such a long time, and saying goodbye won't be easy, but I'm ready for it!

Images from IMDb

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