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Cherry Blossom Festival: How To Enjoy This Exciting Event From Anime!

It’s time to watch the Sakura bloom!

Hanami in Inogashira park (31939964477)
Raita Futo from Tokyo, Japan, CC BY 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

Have you ever noticed how the seasons are well-defined in anime?

In Japan, the seasons are very distinct, with flowers blooming in spring, hot summer days, falling leaves in autumn, and cold, snowy days in winter.

Japan's spring goes from March to May, like the rest of the Northern Hemisphere. That means now is the perfect time to gather with friends to enjoy a traditional Japanese activity called Hanami or "Blossom Viewing"!

Hanami in Japan!

Flower viewing event in Tokyo, Japan; April 2014 (09)
kylehase, CC BY 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

Cherry Blossom Festivals happen all across the country.

Respecting the time when the sakura blooms in each region and how long they last is around two weeks. It's a time when people get together to appreciate the view, enjoy snacks, and have fun together under the cherry trees.

The flowers of the sakura are a massive part of Japanese life, culture, and history. They believe cherry blossoms are symbols of hope, beauty, and new life, which deserve to be celebrated. These flowers represent life’s fragility and beauty and remind us that life can be tragically short.

Cherry flowers bloom from the south in late March to the north in May. So if you missed the first events, there's still time to participate in Hanami parties!

The girls from YuruYuri gathered together to have a picnic during the Cherry Blossom Festival
YuruYuri, Season 3, Episode 12 || Credits: YuruYuri IMDb

But beware! Such a beautiful and joyful moment attracts millions yearly, so the most famous spots can be crowded all day!

Also, Yozakura (watching the flowers at night) is a thing, with festivities and parties lasting until late at night. So the best thing to do is plan and arrive very early.

The celebration can be even better if you take advantage of all the holidays of the Golden Week to enjoy the Hanami peacefully.

Hanami in Anime!

Tae, Shinpachi, sadaharu, Kagura, and Gintoki gathered to enjoy snacks together during the Hanami
Gintama, Season 3, Episode 125 || Credits: Gintama IMDb

Hanami is a relaxed celebration without the formalities you see in a Graduation Ceremony, for example.

However, you can always take inspiration from anime if you need help figuring out what to do during the Cherry Viewing! (Not the Cursed Spirit from Jujutsu Kaisen, Hanami! 😳)

One good example of how much fun you can have with friends during Hanami is from Episode 125 of Gintama!

Despite the anime's chaotic vibe, it's clear how Gintoki and everyone else is enjoying the moment. They ate, drank, played games, and enjoyed each others' company as the petals flowed with the wind.

Hanami Everywhere!

Makoto, Chinatsu, and Kei meet the witch Inukai (dog-human form) in a Spring Festival
Flying Witch, Season 1, Episode 4 || Credits: Flying Witch IMDb

Nowadays, with Japanese culture spreading across the globe, you don't have to travel to Japan to see the flowers blooming if you can't!

Japanese communities and enthusiasts from different countries organize spring festivals where attendees can enjoy the flowers with friends, family, or alone.

For us otakus, it's a perfect moment to be closer to Japanese culture and feel the sweet slice-of-life depicted in anime!

Oh, and by the way, what about picnicking and watching anime with friends during the Cherry Blossom Festival?🤩

Would you watch the Sakura bloom with me?

It would be fantastic if we watched the Sakura flowers bloom together, but that’s not possible.

Still, be sure to have lots of fun! If you attend any spring festivals, you can always share awesome pics with me and other otakus in The Otaku Community. You can even tag me on your socials!

But most importantly, enjoy the Hanami, the spring, and every moment of life as much as possible.

Source: Upgraded Points

Images from IMDb, WikiMedia Commons

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