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Five Lewd Anime With All-Female Casts So You Get The Best Waifu Shots!

There's no "chosen one" between you and your waifu’s boobs this time.

Fanservice anime with female-only main cast
Keijo!!!!!!!!, Season 1, Episode 1 || Credits:

Isn’t it annoying when we’re trying to see something REALLY interesting, and someone is blocking the view?

In ecchi anime, harem and romance are super fun and, frequently, even wholesome to follow, but they have one small problem: a male character hugging all the perfect round anime boobs!

Thinking about that, I selected five ecchi anime with little to no men so that you can enjoy gorgeous waifu curves to the max!

My Life as Inukai-san's Dog (MAL Score: 5.09)

Inukai-san taking off her panties
My Life as Inukai-san's Dog, Season 1, Episode 1 || Credits:

Let’s begin with the anime with the lowest score yet amazing lewd shots!

In “My Life as Inukai-san’s Dog,” a male student discovers he has become a dog! That’s a shocking revelation, but he gets to see the world from a dog’s point of view, where girls don’t mind getting naked in front of him!

If you’re not in the mood to process a complex plot but still want to enjoy some heavy fanservice, give this anime a try.

Wanna Be the Strongest in the World (MAL Score: 5.76)

Sakura Hagiwara’s first match as a wrestler in the anime
Wanna Be the Strongest in the World, Season 1, Episode 1 || Credits:

From Idol to Wrestler! What an odd change in career, amiright?

Sakura Hagiwara was one of the leading members of a popular idol group until her friend was attacked and hurt by a pro wrestler! To avenge her, Sakura enters the world of pro wrestling matches.

You’ll see more than aggressive waifus in provocative suits in this anime.

Queen's Blade (MAL Score: 6.13)

Claudette and Risty, from the anime Queen's Blade, fighting
Queen's Blade: The Exiled Virgin, Season 1, Episode 1 || Credits:

The Queen’s Blade franchise revolves around a land where a new queen is chosen every four years through a tournament. This is the show where the bunny waifu Melona comes from!

Women of different ages, origins, and species participate in this competition of strength and beauty, aiming for the throne.

Magic Breast Secret Sword Scroll (MAL Score: 6.19)

Chifusa's boobs increased by spell
Magic Breast Secret Sword Scroll, Season 1, Episode 1 || Credits: Manyuu Hikenchou Wiki

Step forth, fans of enormous boobs. I picked this show especially for you!

This ecchi anime tells the story of the rebellious Chifusa Manyuu, the successor of the clan Manyuu. In the Edo period, they had great power and influence due to the massive oppais of its members!

Members of the Manyuu clan know a sword technique that affects the size of women’s chests. But Chifusa is willing to go against her whole family to put an end to the boob-obsessed society her clan created.

Keijo!!!!!!!! (MAL Score: 6.92)

Butt attack from the anime Keijo
Keijo!!!!!!!!, Season 1, Episode 1 || Credits:

If there’s a better show for fans of anime butts, please tell me because the girls in Keijo!!!!!!!! uniquely use their oppais and reary! This is a different type of competition, and you won’t be able to take your eyes off the screen.

Keijo is a competition in which girls stand on a small platform and need to push their opponents into the water using only their butt or breasts!

Kaminashi Nozomi, a talented gymnast from a low-income family, wants to be part of this world in hopes of bringing great fortune to her family.

Enjoy the view!

Male protagonists from ecchi anime will always have a special place in my heart, but expanding and watching anime with different concepts is always fun! This time, most shows fell into the pantsu fighting category, where waifus are fighting and competing against each other.

What other types of anime would you like recommendations for?

Remember, you can recommend your favorite anime to tons of people in my Otaku Community! My fellow otakus there will be happy to share their knowledge and make new friends!

Images from and Manyuu Hikenchou Wiki

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