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Fun Ways to Display Your Figure Collection

Fun ways to Display your Anime Figure
From felixjordanoff at The Otaku Community

It’s an otakus dilemma; now that my collection is growing, how do I display my figures? Here is some inspiration for what to do with your figure collection.

Glass Cabinet

Anime figures in Glass Cabinets
From MageHeart at The Otaku Community

A glass cabinet (sometimes known by the IKEA name of Detolf) is the classic way to display a figure collection if you have the money and space. This fantastic example has taken it up a notch with the added LEDs, really making those figures pop!

Cabinets like this give you room to arrange your figures in any way you like and are great if you have a few statement pieces that require an extra special home.


Anime Figure Collection organized in shelves
From felixjordanoff at The Otaku Community

If you don’t have room for a specialized cabinet, get creative with your space and put shelves in unused corners. Shelving around a desk is always popular; that way, you can admire your collection any time you want, and they will even brighten up the worst workday!

If that’s not possible, shelves can be built into any space you have, like in this amazing example of shelving built into the walls.


From @bloosica on Instagram and myfigurecollection

When you have shelves or a cabinet ready for figures, you may need risers to help display your collection. This photo is a brilliant example of utilizing risers to see a whole collection at once effortlessly.

Risers come in many forms, from tiered steps to individual stands. Experiment with how your collection looks with different types!

On Your Bookshelf

anime figures on a bookshelf
From Zoysite13 at The Otaku Community

A great way to display your figures - with your manga collection! Keep your figures next to the books that made you fall in love with the characters; it seems like the perfect place for them. This example is the most inviting otaku corner, especially with the added wall scrolls and artwork.

Wall-Mounted Display

From Archiwheel on myfigurecollection

A fun way to save space is using wall-mounted display cases! This display strategy works well if you don’t have room for another bookshelf, as they can be mounted anywhere, even above other furniture.

They also make a bold statement in the room, and you can swap out the figures in them to keep things fresh. It's extra cool for characters with wings!

Display Your Figures With Your Cosplay

From @cinnabwunnie on Instagram and myfigurecollection

This truly inspired room design is just fantastic; display your favorite cosplay next to your anime figures! What better way to show your otaku stuff off than all together? Extra points if you have the cosplay and figure for the same character.

Get Creative!

talk-show diorama with figures
From xcalibar25og at The Otaku Community

You can get creative with your figures in many ways, such as creating a whole environment for your figure to reside in! Here, Umaru is right at home amongst her games and other otaku gear.

The attention to detail here is awe-inspiring, but you can create a scene in any way you want your figures to enjoy.

Taking Care Of Your Anime Figures

Sexy anime figures sent by The Otaku Box
Anime Figures by The Otaku Box

No matter how you display your anime figures, taking good care of them is crucial to guarantee they remain decoration items you’re proud of and, most importantly, they’ll last.

Keep Your Anime Figures Away From The Sun

Natural light might be excellent for taking lovely photos of your anime figures, but the colors tend to fade with time due to sun exposure. And what’s worse! The heat can make your figure melt!

Avoid damage!

Protect your waifu from scratches, falls, and collisions. For anime figures without a base, consider using a faux fur patch (or another fabric that won’t leave stains under them) to avoid direct contact with a hard surface.

Also, be careful when handling your anime figures. Avoid applying too much strength. Be patient to avoid breaking them accidentally. To store them, you may wrap them in fabric or bubble wrap.

Keep them Clean!

Even if you keep your anime figures in cases, they probably can’t block all the dust. So you should clean your sweet waifus regularly. The frequency will depend on your area or space, so keep an eye on them and don’t wait too long before cleaning each.

That time is also an opportunity to check for any damages.

Hands off!

Until now, I’ve told you how to handle your anime figures. Now I’m telling you not to handle them! Wait… let me explain.

Touching them too much is problematic because our skin also secretes substances that can damage the material. So, if you need to handle your figures often, use gloves to protect them.

What About Your Anime Figure Boxes?

The Lohas mall in October 2021 Clamping doll machine
COAMA Karluaom, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Another dilemma for people who collect anime figures is how to store the boxes. They take up lots of space and don’t fit everywhere easily, not to mention figure prices drop considerably without the original box!

There are different ways to deal with this subject. One suggestion is to put some figures away to make room for new additions, or you could cash in on your investment by selling some figures. But that might be the worst-case scenario.

Whatever the goal, here are some ideas to help you store your boxes.

Gotta Keep Them All

If you intend to re-sell your anime figures one day, protecting the boxes from damage is essential. So, organize them in a bigger container where they’ll be safe from dust, humidity, and insects if you have enough room.

You can list which boxes are inside each container to find them more easily.

Alternatively, you can consider renting a storage unit. Avoid opening them constantly in both cases, but check them now and then to avoid unpleasant surprises.

Remove the Plastic Blister

Removing the Plastic Blister allows you to fold all the boxes, which saves so much space!

Just remember to keep props and removable parts safe from possible damage. Also, bubble wrap is a must to protect these pieces or other similar materials.

And again, you can store props and folded boxes in bigger containers and write what you keep inside each.

Let Them Go

Sometimes, as much as I feel like keeping everything, I must consider if they are worth all the trouble. If you’re going through the same, maybe it’s time to send some of those boxes to the recycling bin.

Do you have no intentions of selling your anime figures? Are the boxes scratched, crumpled, or moldy? If you answer ‘yes,’ it may be time to throw them away. Paper is a fragile material, after all.

A Bit Of Everything

What applies to one anime figure box might not work for another. So you don’t have to treat them the same way!

This is what I usually do:

  1. I separate my boxes into categories:
    The ones I want to keep, the ones I’ll fold before storing, and the ones I’ll throw away.
  2. Organize props and other removable pieces:
    If they fit small organizer boxes, that's even better! If not, I separate them, preferably in zip bags, with tape to identify which figure they belong to, and then I put them into another container.
  3. Organize the boxes (folded or not) in bigger containers:
    Finding the best way to fit all the boxes may be a little annoying, but it’s so satisfying to see them fit like I just solved a puzzle!
    I like to stick or write which boxes are in each container so I don’t have to open all of them looking for a specific one in the future.
  4. Display the best ones:
    This is a bonus tip! Some anime figure boxes are just too beautiful, or you may feel proud for finally purchasing a specific figure and want to showcase the box.
    Now that you have so many creative tips, I’m sure you can make them a charming decoration!

Grow your Collection Effortlessly!

With these tips on displaying your anime figures, you can make different compositions and expand your collection without worrying about running out of space! Anime boxes from The Otaku Box can have a mini figure or 1:9 scale figure waifu, which subscribers choose through the community vote!

If you have already started building your anime figure collection, I’d love to see how you display it! Feel free to share some great photos with other collectors on my Otaku Community and get some inspiration and tips from them, too!

Images from My Figure Collection and Wikimedia Commons

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