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Help! I'm in love with a crazy pink-haired anime girl!

Future Diary, Anime: Yuno blushing
Future Diary, Season 1, Episode 2 || Credits: Future Diary IMDb

They are pretty, charming, and completely out of control!

Ladies and gentlemen! I’m here today to talk about one of the most adored kinds of waifus… the pink-haired girls!

Anime girls with a delicate face and long pink hair may seem fragile and helpless, and that’s exactly what they want you to believe before they crush you, and I love it!

If you don’t believe me, let me show you some cute characters that have pink hair and you’ll understand exactly what I mean!

Louise Françoise Le Blanc de La Vallière - The Familiar of Zero

The Familiar of Zero, Anime: Louise with torn clothes
The Familiar of Zero, Season 1, Episode 1 || Credits: The Familiar of Zero IMDb

Let’s start with the possibly less dangerous of them, Louise the Zero!

Louise comes from a wealthy family, and makes an effort to act as she is expected to: collected, proud, and powerful.

Even though she has a big heart, the true Louise is very impatient, shy and she comes off as disastrous, hence the taunting nickname “Zero”.

With so much pressure from her family and friends, I can’t blame her for being short tempered but Louise is far from being weak or unsuited for magic!

In fact, she possesses such a great and rare power that her teachers are unable to instruct her properly. A truly misunderstood genius!

Morgiana - The Labyrinth of Magic

Magi, Anime: Morgiana ready to fight
Magi: The Labyrinth Of Magic, Season 1, Episode 3 || Credits: Magi: The Labyrinth Of Magic Fandom Wikiiar of Zero, Season 1, Episode 1 || Credits: The Familiar of Zero IMDb

Morgiana is one tough anime girl! In spite of being small and having a lovely face, she is incredibly strong!

Morgiana rarely talks and looks adorable when she is mad, when she often puffs up her cheeks.

Just be aware that I wouldn’t recommend annoying a waifu whose stomps can break the ground!

Even with all her strength, there are times when she feels vulnerable too. Morgiana is secretly very insecure and sometimes shows an inferiority complex.

Jibril - No Game No Life

No Game, No Life, Anime: Jibril Blushing
No Game, No Life || Credits: No Game, No Life IMDb

Jibril is, without a doubt, fascinating! I personally find it hard not to love her cute excited expressions and her love for knowledge!

Not only is she the youngest and strongest of her kind, with such unimaginable powers, I find it impossible not to love her looks!

She is a charming young lady with long pink hair, golden eyes, adorable wing-shaped years, charming white wings and a beautiful halo above her head.

Her heavenly image does not match our idea of benevolent angels, though! Jibril is polite, but rather condescending, prideful, and, what is worse, bloodthirsty.

At the same time, she also has a masochistic side… who would have thought?!

Megumi Shimizu - Shiki

Shiki, Anime: Megumi is surprised
Shiki, Season 1, Episode 16 || Credits: Shiki IMDb

Megumi kind of reminds me of Mitsuha, from Your Name. She is tired of her small town and dreams of living in a big city and leading a “more interesting” life.

For Megumi, this desire makes her bitter. She is selfish and hates her hometown and its people. The only exception is her crush, Natsuno.

Once she dies and turns into a Shiki, Megumi gets even worse! Megumi enjoys being an undead and sees no issue attacking villagers.

Her feelings for Natsuno grow into an obsession, and she begins stalking the boy and targeting those who are closer to him.

Yuno Gasai - Future Diary

Future Diary: Yuno Gasai about to attack
Future Diary, Season 1, Episode 5 || Credits: Future Diary IMDb

One of, if not the top 1, most insane pink-haired anime girl is Yuno Gasai!

I can’t remember many yandere characters before her, especially one so worshiped like she was when Mirai Nikki premiered!

Yuno is a young teenage girl that seems very sweet and delicate at first. However, her dark side was soon revealed.

She is possessive, violent and cruel. Yuno won’t forgive anyone that is on her, or on her lover’s, Yukkii, way!

One may think having a protective waifu could be an advantage as Yuno is the kind that will do anything to be with the one she loves.

Still when we’re talking about a yandere, “anything” could be a rather dangerous term! 😳

Enjoy without Caution!

If you are used to anime, you know pink hair often screams danger.If you are not, I strongly recommend watching these anime and maybe adopt these pink-haired cuties as your new waifus!


Anime trends come and go, but my love for amazing waifus will last forever, and I’ll always bring new girls so you can love them too!

So stay tuned to learn more about the best waifus in anime, and don’t be afraid of falling in a pink hair lovely trap! You might end up liking it!

Images from IMDb, Magi-The Labyrinth Of Magic Wiki

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