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Hot Anime Girls who are Summer Ready!

Kitagawa Marin holding up her polo to show a black bikini with flowers
Kitagawa Marin showing off her bikini

Summer's here, and the heat is turning up!

You know what that means - obligatory beach episodes!

Beach episodes are absolutely one of the greatest delights for every otaku. Who wouldn't want to see their favorite waifus and wear their best bikinis?

These anime girls are turning up the heat this summer, and you better be ready to take every inch of fanservice you're getting. So grab your shades, slather on the sunscreen, and let's dive into the world of hot anime girls and get this beach party started!

1. Zero Two

Zero Two in a white swimsuit, turning around and playing in the water
Zero Two playing in the water

Ever seen someone look so good at the beach? That's Zero Two for you!

She's rocking a plain white swimsuit, but somehow, it's the coolest thing ever. Maybe it's how it shows off her curves or matches her bright pink hair. Either way, she's totally owning that beach babe look!

So if you're ever feeling bummed out this summer, just think of Zero Two at the beach.

Remember how much fun she's having, how happy she is, and how amazing she looks in that white swimsuit. It'll definitely put you in a better mood, trust me.

2. Rangiku Matsumoto

Rangiku lying down on the Sand in her puple bikini
Rangiku from Bleach

Thank god for fanservice!

Rangiku has never been afraid to show her tatas at every screen time she gets. But this right here? Absolute perfection.

She's rocking a purple bikini that's basically made of confidence and sunshine. And let's be real, it looks AMAZING on her. Those curves? That tan? The way her chest is so big it just sits so prettily on the sand?

If you were a hollow at the mercy of this woman, you would probably be thankful to be blessed with such beauty before you go.

This woman looks like she will devour you. And we all thank her for it!

3. Kitagawa Marin

Kitagawa Marin from Dress Up Darling
Kitagawa Marin from Dress Up Darling

Kitagawa Marin has only recently been introduced in the anime scene. But she's managed to climb up the ranks as one of the most iconic waifus!

Are we surprised, though? Especially with the number of fanservice scenes we get from her. You can tell a good amount of the anime's budget went to her boob physics.

Was it worth it? Judging by how crazy the anime community went after this episode, absolutely, yes.

Just look at her. Her body is perfect for cosplay. She might even be able to cosplay your favorite waifus!

After all, she has the boobs for it. She can pull off every sexy cosplay on the lookbook.

Also, can we talk about how she has the face of a goddess? Sure, it's not overwhelmingly beautiful, but her beauty is very distinct; it's so easy to tell her apart from the rest of the waifus.

It's a wonder Gojo has managed to hold himself back while taking her pictures. This goddess has stripped down to her bikini in front of him, and he manages to stay calm. What a true man!

4. Shion

Shion getting caught up in tentacles
Shion from Reincarnated as a Slime

Shion has a knack for getting herself in trouble at times. Scratch that - she IS the trouble.

Whether it is cooking or riling up guests from another country, she is sure to cause a racket. It's honestly a wonder why Rimuru has kept her as a secretary!

Then again, Rimuru did admit that a huge part of it was because Shion looked the part. After all, she is the one who gets to hold Rimuru in his slime form the most.

And if a beautiful pair of boobs were sitting on your head, would you say no to her being a secretary? Exactly.

There's a reason why she is the most desired person in Tempest. Her beach body explains it all! Plus, her clumsiness can be adorable, too!

5. Nami

Nami stretching her arms at the beach wearing a rainbow bikini
Nami from One Piece

Move over, mermaids! Nami's taking over the ocean and bringing the rainbow with her. Seriously, this girl's bikini is a whole mood – it's bright, fun, and totally Nami.

But don't let the cute colors fool you. This navigator knows how to make waves!

She's diving, splashing, and generally having the time of her life. Too bad Luffy, Chopper, Robin, and the other Devil Fruit Users won't be able to join her in the fun!

Even when her hair's a wet, tangled mess, she still looks like a goddess. Maybe it's because she has glitter all over her? Or is it because of the sun?

Regardless, Nami looks really beautiful when enjoying herself. And in a rainbow bikini, to boot.

We love to see our money-loving waifu take a well-deserved break from whatever shenanigans the Demon Trio is up to!

6. Lucy Heartfilia

Lucy posing in a green bikini mid-battle
Lucy Heartfilia from Fairy Tail

Lucy Heartfilia just stole the spotlight! This celestial mage isn't just casting spells; she's casting a spell on everyone at the beach with her adorable two-piece.

Lucy's bikini isn't just any bikini; it's a burst of sunshine and sparkles. The colors are as vibrant as her personality, and the style is as playful as her spirit. It's the perfect outfit for a fun day in the sun with her celestial spirits.

And if Lucy is your top waifu, allow me to just say you are BLESSED.

The amount of fanservice you get with Lucy is insane. Not to mention, her clothes getting ripped off is the absolute highlight of every episode!

Then again, almost all Fairy Tail guild members have had their clothes torn to the point of full nudity. But you know what makes Lucy stand out? It's that you never get tired of seeing her banging hot body.

She's also got an entertaining personality on top of it! One minute, she's challenging Gray to a sandcastle-building contest; the next, she's summoning Aquarius for a water-bending showdown.

But no matter what she's doing, Lucy always puts her friends first, proving that loyalty and friendship are the ultimate treasures!

Do you have any hot anime waifu whose summer body you'd like to flaunt? Come hang out and chat with us at the Otaku Community!

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