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How Would Your Waifu Kill You According to Her Dere Type?

Kimihito Kurusu pinned down by Centorea, Suu, Miia, Meroune, Rachnera, and Papi Centorea in the opening of Monster Musume
Monster Musume, Opening || Credits: Monster Musume IMDb

TRIGGER NOTICE: This article may contain words or scenarios sensitive to some people! The scenarios presented here are fictional and involve only fictional characters. I don’t support abusive relationships of any kind!!!

While watching anime, reading manga, or reading a light novel, it’s only natural that we identify with or cherish certain characters.

And among them are these specific ladies that deserve special attention: the WAIFUS! These iconic anime girls may become real idols and be loved by a significant audience.

They often share some specific traits that make them more charming. These archetypes are what we call: DERE TYPES!

What are the different types of dere in anime?

The term Dere comes from deredere, which can mean lovestruck or lovey-dovey. Each category explains how characters behave or express affection towards their love interest.

Sweet, isn't it? Not every time!

Love can hurt sometimes, and when it comes to some of these ladies, you’ll be lucky if you only get hurt! These girls can be very dangerous in the name of love!

To prove that, in this post, I'll show you how your waifu can kill you according to her dere type!

1. The Yandere will feel jealous when you think food is tasty, and you’ll starve to death!

Yuno hugging Yuki
The Future Diary, Season 1, Episode 2 || Credits: The Future Diary IMDb

If your favorite type of anime girl is the one that is willing to do absolutely anything and go against anyone to be by your side, you might be in love with a Yandere!

Yanderes are characters whose devotion is so strong they become possessive! And they simply don’t know when to stop!

Having such an obsessed waifu might seem an advantage when you think how Misa Amane (Death Note ) was willing to do anything for Light or how Yuno Gasai (Future Diary) wouldn’t forgive anyone who threatened Yuki.

But this will eventually escalate. Soon everyone you give attention to will be a threat, and to protect you, you’ll be locked up like the little Shio from Happy Sugar Life.

And why are you so happy about food when your waifu’s love is all you need?

2. Bokodere and Mayadere will beat the living daylights out of you… with love!♥

Mahiru Inami punching Souta Takanashi in Working!!
Working!!, Season 1, Episode 2 || Credits: Working!! IMDb

The tsundere type is not the only one who resorts to violence, and painkillers won’t help you around these anime girls!

While a tsundere is meant to hide their true feelings, a "bokodere" is a character who gets shy and anxious around the person they love and can only show their feelings aggressively.

Alternatively, a mayadere wants to see you dead until they fall in love with you! This Dere type refers to antagonists who change sides after falling in love.

The reasons for them to slap you around are very different, but if you’re not prepared, you might not live to see the moment they will finally show you proper affection.

3. Megadere and Undere will agree with your terrible idea of jumping out of a car for views.

Fuuki Iincho with a nosebleed – from Aho Girl
Aho Girl, Season 1, Episode 2 || Credits: Aho Girl IMDb

Megadere and Undere are your biggest fans! Whatever you do is perfect in their eyes!

A megadere is a real fangirl (or fanboy) and will put you on a pedestal. Megaderes also try to get your approval at all costs!

The undere type is easy to manipulate. They will always agree with anything you say, afraid to be abandoned.

Around these two deres, everything you do is fantastic, but wait until you have a terrible idea, and these two start encouraging it even though all of you know you won’t come back alive.😳

Till Death Do You Part?

Could you identify your favorite waifu(s) among these dere types? No?! Don’t worry!

The most famous deres are probably tsundere, kuudere, and yandere, but as you can see, the list goes on with so many other types, like the himedere type, which I mentioned once.

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