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Images of Akeno Himejima That Will Be Stuck in Your Head for Days! — Weekly Dose of DxD

Akeno is trying to drive you crazy, and she’s succeeding!

Remember Akeno Himejima with these sexy pictures!
High School DxD, Season 1, Episode 7 || Credits:

Ready for another round of sexy High School DxD Pictures? This time, it’s all about the naughtiest devil in the series, Akeno Himejima!

Akeno is an attractive young woman with long black hair, big oppais, and smooth fair skin. She acts polite and elegant but can be sadistic and flirty when she wants to.

If you’re into this type, prepare for an unforgettable, sexy image selection!

A Glimpse of Her Underwear

Akeno's bra visible through her clothes
High School DxD, Season 2, Episode 13 (OVA) || Credits:

With the right skill, a true ecchi can see ladies’ underwear through their clothes! At least, according to the Legendary Sage, who mastered that technique. Thanks to that, viewers had a glimpse of Akeno’s body.

That Naughty Slime Again!

Akeno's sexy face when attacked by slime
High School DxD, Season 1, Episode 7 || Credits:

I have already mentioned how much trouble this naughty slime caused. You know, the monster that loves disintegrating girls’ clothes.

Now, look at Akeno’s face as her uniform disappears. She’s enjoying every second of it!

Holy Cow!

Akeno Himejima sexy cow costume from season 2
High School DxD New, Outro 2: Lovely ♥ Devil || Credits: HighSchool DxD Wiki

The second ending from High School DxD New that gifted viewers with Rias in a skimpy devil suit also has Akeno in this minimal cow costume! As she plays the twister game, you get an excellent view of everything that matters!

Dissipating the Dragon’s Power

Akeno licking Issei's finger
High School DxD, Season 2, Episode 1 || Credits:

Whenever Issei’s left arm transforms into a Dragon’s, Akeno performs the special ritual above to scatter the energy so his arm appears human again.

The process is shown several times through the second season of High School DxD New. You won’t be disappointed if you watch or re-watch them!

Kimono Teasing

Akeno Himejima ecchi illustration for Megami Magazine
High School DxD, Promo Art || Credits: HighSchool DxD Wiki

The traditional setting fits Akeno Himejima perfectly! Maybe that’s why this illustration for Megami Magazine captures the best of this waifu. The bedroom eyes, the kimono covering her body partially, and her pose are everything Akeno fans could ask for!

The White Queen!

Akeno Himejima Mobage Card
[Miscon IX] Himejima Akeno (Queen) #2 || Credits: MG Anime Renders

Here, we see Akeno in another provocative pose! She sure knows how to tease the ecchi community, amiright?

This is just one of the sexy Mobage cards released, numbering in the thousands.

Take a closer look; you’ll notice the tiny swimsuit barely fits her and hardly covers those assets. What a naughty girl!

Your Fun Doesn’t Have to End Here!

How did you like seeing Akeno Himejima in such provocative poses? Do you remember the moments from the anime?

If this post isn’t enough to satisfy your lust for devil anime girls, take a look at the sexy pics fellow otakus have been sharing daily at my online forum, the Otaku Community! I provide free downloadable content for all members, too!

Images from, High School DxD Wiki, and MG Anime Renders

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