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Is Japan Sinks 2020 On Netflix Worth The Hype?

Japan Sinks 2020 is the first adaptation animation by Sakyo Komatsu. It’s about an ordinary family whose lives are at risk after a major earthquake hits Japan and turns everything upside down. In this blog, we will talk about Japan Sinks 2020 on Netflix. Is it worth watching?

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  1. The Plot
  2. Frequently Asked Questions

What Do You Know About Japan Sinks 2020 on Netflix?

The Plot

4 character standing together with the broken bridge behind | The Plot | Is Japan Sinks 2020 On Netflix Worth The Hype?

A disaster hits Japan shortly after the Tokyo Olympics in 2020, and a major earthquake rocks the country. The Mutou siblings try to flee Tokyo city with their friends and family but are faced with tough, life-or-death conditions. Ayumu is a track-running middle school student, and her younger brother, Gou, is a video game enthusiast who attends elementary school. The earthquake sinks the Japanese archipelagos, which seem to pursue the Mutou family relentlessly, but the super siblings believe in the future and possess the strength to survive.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Japan Sinks 2020 Based on a True Story?

the city is on fire and it spreads everywhere | Is Japan Sinks 2020 Based on a True Story | Is Japan Sink 2020 on Netflix Worth the Hype

Well, if you think Japan Sinks is based on a true story! You’re wrong. This series is not based on a true story, but it is an adaption of a 1973 novel - an incredible disaster novel written by a Japanese writer Sakyo Komatsu. Although it took 9 years to finish the novel, it was worth the wait as it won the 27th Mystery Writers of Japan Award and the Seiun Award.

Sakyo Komatsu was born on January 28, 1931, and is one of the most famous Sci-fi writers and screenwriters in Japan.

Who’s Behind The Series?

author wearing beanie and shirt | Who’s Behind the Series | Is Japan Sink 2020 on Netflix Worth the Hype

Celebrated anime director Masaaki Yuasa adapts the novel into a 10-episode series, which is now available on Netflix.

In 2014 Yuasa teamed up with close affiliate Eunyoung Choi and founded the Science Saru animation studio, although he has recently retired as President of the studio. Serving as a director for over two decades, Yuasa is an exciting talent who has produced everything from heartwarming tales to gory action-horror.

Yuasa brought us epic works like Ping Pong: The Animation, Kaiba, and Genius Party.

Is The Series Child-Friendly?

a ruined view of city after disaster | Is The Series Child-Friendly | Is Japan Sink 2020 on Netflix Worth the Hype

The latest Japan Sinks 2020 anime warns of “sex, nudity, substances, language, and smoking.” The subject matter is possibly too intense for young viewers and is rated age 16+.

Is Japan Sinks 2020 Sad?

a girl is showing shocking reaction with a long queue behind | Is Japan Sinks 2020 Sad?

The series does focus on loss, but predominantly it’s about self-growth, and therefore the message is uplifting and about moving forward.

Is It Worth Watching Japan Sinks 2020?

an image of 4 characters with the beach background and the film title in Japanese | Is is worth watching Japan Sinks 2020 | Is Japan Sink 2020 on Netflix Worth the Hype

If you are interested in disaster anime, this one might be right up your street. Similarly, if you are a fan of survival stories with a little bit of drama and action, you should love this show. Because the story isn’t too far removed from reality, viewers can imagine the earthquake’s devastation, which makes for a vivid and emotional roller coaster of a series.

We loved the human element. The disaster brings the family closer together, and the series expresses the growing love, compassion, and affection that each member has for another. It’s these moments that make the series worth watching, like when Ayumu bonds with her dad over Japanese yams.

If you loved the novel, you might not love the series. Because the series is only 10 episodes, the characters’ development and the challenges they must go through pan out rather quickly. Some critics have said that a lot of detail has been missed from the novel because of the choice to make the series short.

The animation is a mix of wonky linework and fairly realistic backgrounds. Some characters have more detail, which can make them look a little twisted at times, though this does add to the facial expressions and a better sense of movement.

For something different to watch, go and check out Japan Sinks 2020. After all, it’s the perfect metaphor for the year 2020! We’ll leave you to make up your own mind.

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