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Meet Mira Suou: The Waifu Created To Please You!

She is coming to you, eager to satisfy your needs!

Rias Gremory naked giving come-hither looks
High School DxD, Season 1, Episode 1 || Credits:

Imagine you wake up in a world where your waifus will do anything to be with you.

In World’s End Harem, a virus harmless to women nearly wiped all men off the Earth, leaving the world in complete chaos! The very few males alive are asked to make babies with as many ladies as possible to restore the population.

Although this task might be overwhelming, a pretty waifu with generous oppais was assigned to assist you in your mission. Her name is Mira Suou!

This is the perfect time to learn about her before you meet in person.

Your Dedicated Secretary

Mira Suou taking a shower
World's End Harem, Season 1, Episode 2 || Credits:

You’ll quickly identify your attendant by her unmistakable beauty!

Mira (a pun on the word “Mirror”) was created and trained to satisfy the protagonist, Reito Mizuhara. She is a clone of the aspiring doctor Elisa Tachibana, whom Reito profoundly loves.

As a clone, Mira shares some features with Elisa. Both are 165cm (5’5”) tall and have purple hair and turquoise eyes. Still, it’s easy to tell them apart because Mira Suou has much bigger assets, white eyelashes, a charming beauty mark under her eye, and a mysterious, emotionless expression.

Her measures are 90-60-89, the perfect hourglass figure! No wonder Mira Suou is one of the most popular among World’s End Harem Characters.

How to Satisfy Her

Close-up of Mira Suou's lips
World's End Harem, Season 1, Episode 1 || Credits:

Mira Suou is reserved and collected but very straightforward.

She doesn't waste her time on subjects that aren’t related to the well-being of her master, as she is focused on duty. She also talks openly about the importance of reproducing for humankind.

And while she’s saving herself for her beloved master, she won’t mind taking the initiative if necessary. Just remember, she’s a woman with feelings and desires.

If you were to romance Mira, I bet the best method would be by taking her to dinner. She absolutly can't stand hunger and could easily be included in this list of gluttonous characters.

What Else Could You Be Looking For?

How would you feel? If you woke up one day and learned someone made the perfect waifu to please you.

Most World’s End Harem characters are gorgeous females longing to get pregnant from the few men left on Earth. But none of them is tailored to your needs like Mira Suou. She is ready to do whatever it takes to see you happy, even introducing other waifus that could.

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