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My First Impressions Of Classroom For Heroes!

Which waifu from Classroom For Heroes is going to win your heart?

Blade blocking an attack — from Classroom For Heroes
Classroom for Heroes, Season 1, Episode 1 || Credits:

Are you looking for a new harem anime to increase your waifu list?

Every new ecchi anime gives otakus a set of gorgeous ladies to worship. And if you enjoy fantasy settings, sword fights, and magic, I know one anime that could be just what the doctor ordered: Classroom For Heroes.

I watched episode one and will share my first impressions in this post!

If you haven’t watched it, this review will help you decide whether the anime suits your taste. I’d also love your opinion if you've seen the show.

About the Anime!

Earnest Flaming embarrassed — from Classroom for Heroes
Classroom for Heroes, Season 1, Episode 1 || Credits:

Adapted from the light novel of the same name, Classroom for Heroes (Eiyuu Kyoushitsu) is an ecchi harem that premiered on July 9, 2023.

After the great hero sacrificed himself to defeat the demon lord, a special school was built to prepare future heroes, and only the most promising can enroll.

But unexpectedly, an enthusiastic and easygoing student gets transferred. His name is Blade, and he has no intentions of becoming a hero. He only wants to make lots of friends!

The author, Shin Araki, worked on two manga adaptations. The second one is still ongoing and recently reached Volume 17.

Classroom For Heroes Episode 1: Earnest

The Great Hero challenges the Demon Lord
Classroom for Heroes, Season 1, Episode 1 || Credits:

The world is finally safe after a fierce duel between the Great Hero and the Demon Lord that resulted in their deaths.

Sometime after the battle passed, Rosewood Academy, an elite school for heroes, received an eccentric transfer student. He makes a point of letting everybody know his name is Blade and that he’s completely ordinary.

Blade is excited about school but couldn’t care less about being a hero. He only wants to make new friends, a hundred of them!

Among the students, he meets Earnest Flaming on his first day. She is a strict but talented and feared student who can’t stand Blade’s carefree personality and lack of commitment. On top of that, Blade is sent to the advanced class right on his first day, which makes Earnest suspicious of him.

Blade evades Earnest's attack
Classroom for Heroes, Season 1, Episode 1 || Credits:

However, Blade proves his strength with an astonishing technique, and despite Earnest’s mean words and attitude, he sticks around her.

His friendliness and humbleness soon get through the scary facade of the Academy’s top student. And even though it’s hard for her to admit, she is happy to have a friend at school.

However, Earnest also has a secret: She is cursed by her sword, and it’s trying to take control of her.

She is too prideful to accept Blade’s help initially but does eventually. Blade discovers that the only way to release Earnest from the curse is to make the demon sword acknowledge her as its master.

He encourages her to challenge the sword, ready to back her up if she can’t overcome its power.

Confident and with Blade’s support, Earnest challenges the demon sword and succeeds! Once free from the curse, she becomes more relaxed and approachable.

The episode ends with Blade watching her make new friends.

Liz’s Verdict!

Earnest's clothes are torn apart
Classroom for Heroes, Season 1, Episode 1 || Credits:

This anime is enjoyable. However, demon lords and overpowered main characters are a trend now, so the show doesn’t feel innovative. Still, it’s fun to see that the mysterious transfer student was the protagonist, Blade.

Also, if it weren’t for a few shots in strategic angles, I would have forgotten I was watching an ecchi anime or harem, which is odd for the genre.

The first episode’s plot was about the relationship between Blade and Earnest. Some female characters that will be part of Blade’s harem were introduced, but aside from Earnest, none showed signs of seeing him as a love interest.

Overall, Classroom for Heroes feels light and slow-paced for an ecchi anime. But it’s still an excellent fantasy shounen to watch. The story is entertaining, and the characters are likable.

Are You Going To Watch It?

Is your next waifu among the girls that will be part of Blade’s new life at Rosewood Academy?

In my Otaku Community, my fellow otakus always discuss the anime they watch. So whenever you’re unsure about starting a new show, my otaku family can advise you. And you can always count on me, of course.

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