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Rem from Re:Zero will make you happy with her big new features!

Rem acting cheerfully in Re:Zero Memory Snow
Re:Zero Memory Snow, OAV || Credits: Re:Zero Wiki

You know that your wish is my command, and since you love her so much (and so do I ๐Ÿ˜), it's my duty to dedicate a post to the cutest maid from anime ever!

Yes! This time I bring you Rem from Re:Zero!

You may already know how sweet and devoted she can be, but there's something about her you don't know yet! So let's see what makes this waifu unique and uncover her secrets!

Rem, The Oni Maid

Rem lying on her stomach in the game Re:Zero -DEATH OR KISS-
Re:Zero -DEATH OR KISS-, Game || Credits: Re:Zero Wiki

Rem is a waifu with delicate features. She has a slim, petite body and a modest chest that she tries to hide and doesn't want a comparison to her sister's chest size.

She also has a delicate round face and big puppy eyes. Her short light blue hair covers the right one.

Rem is an Oni despite her fragile figure, making her stronger than the average human. A great advantage when doing house chores if you ask me!

In her oni form, she displays a white horn on her forehead responsible for awakening her instincts and absorbing mana from the surroundings. Having a horn significantly increases Rem's physical abilities!

Oh, and don't worry if you spot Rem talking to herself when she is alone. She regularly does that!

She is perfect the way she is!

Rem wearing a bikini in the game Re:Zero -DEATH OR KISS-
Re:Zero -DEATH OR KISS-, Game || Credits: Re:Zero Wiki

Rem is loyal, polite, and competent โ€“ qualities many look for in maids and waifus. But she is more than that!

She can be impulsive sometimes, and according to Ram, Rem would be a lively girl if it weren't for her traumas.

Speaking of Ram, our blue-haired anime waifu has much respect for her twin sister, to the point of thinking of herself as inferior.

Rem waiting for a kiss in the game Re:Zero -DEATH OR KISS-
Re:Zero -DEATH OR KISS-, Game || Credits: Re:Zero Wiki

Rem and Ram lived with their parents in an Oni village when they were younger, and other villagers saw the sisters as defective โ€“ because they had only one horn each.

As a result, they were to kill them as part of the Oni tradition. The Oni only keep the strongest of their kind, disposing of weaklings. But right before the execution, Ram and her massive power shocked the community.

Consequently, our poor Rem was always in her sister's shadow because she could never meet the onis' expectations, affecting her self-esteem greatly.

If only I could tell her how she surpasses her sister as a waifu and how I love her for being so adorable and dedicated! ๐Ÿ˜”

The Big Surprise!

Such a sweet and diligent waifu deserves to be part of my exclusive anime figure collection, and the time has come!

However, this is a super special anime figure and not for children! March's Rem figure comes with a unique feature: The removable top!

The Otaku Box Anime Figure - March 2023

You read that right. You can remove the top of Rem's kimono and let her oppais freely in the open.

This is my first cast-off figure, where some parts are removable to show big surprises underneath. Subaru would be envious if he knew what he was missing out on!

It'll be even better when she knocks on your door!

Can you imagine how blissful it would be to wake up to Rem's sweet eyes staring back at you?

Now there is a way! And this is only possible because my subscribers vote for the best waifus and other goodies I should include in each anime box every month!

So, who do you think the next waifu will be? What surprises will she bring me? Subscriber or not, I love to know more about other otakus' thoughts! So feel free to pay a visit to The Otaku Community whenever you feel like talking about gorgeous anime girls to people who understand your good taste in waifus!

Images from Re:Zero Wiki

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