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Sugar Spell and its 3 Cute Witches Will Sweeten Your Heart!

Sugar Spell: Teaser: Marisa on a bed with a cupcake (Original Content)
Sugar Spell - Cover 2 || Original Manga

Magic and pastries I would like to try in real life!

You already know that in my anime subscription service, you get to choose the content you receive, right? This happens through voting along with other Otakus like you and me or by directly choosing some items that will be part of your anime box.

And one of these choices is whether your box will include ecchi or not!

“But, Liz! Do you offer ecchi content too?!”, you might be asking.

OH-HO HO HO HO! Of course, I do! If you’re 18 or older, you can have access to lots of exclusive ecchi content!

And yes! I’m talking about the “attractive waifus in small clothes” ecchi content!😝

In this post I would like to present to you one of the cutest stories I’ve commissioned, written by Shelley, from OjiDivision, and illustrated by Pinkushy!

Save some room for dessert because I present you: Sugar Spell!!!

What is Sugar Spell about?

Sugar Spell: Marisa wearing an apron (Original Content)
Sugar Spell - Cover 3 || Original Manga

Sugar Spell is an original colored manga mixes cooking, romance, and magic! It is a super cute story that goes like this:

Marisa is the daughter of a powerful witch queen, in a magical world. Obviously, she was expected to be the top student and follow her mother’s path.

However, instead of being a powerful witch, Marisa dreams of being the greatest pastry chef in her land! Luckily for her, she has two special friends who believe in her and are willing to help her fulfill her dream.

Against the Queen’s orders, Marisa and her friends sneak into the human world looking for new recipes but end up in a boy’s bedroom!

Meet the witches!

Marisa Rosebury

Sugar Spell: Marisa, the main female character (Original Content)
Sugar Spell - Marisa Rosebury

Marisa is an energetic, 18-year-old witch princess who isn’t very skilled with spells. On the other hand, she knows how to make tasty and wonderful pastries. She dreams of being the best pastry chef in the Magic Kingdom.

Marisa is very stubborn and is not afraid to defy her mother, Queen Patchouli! She is determined to improve herself and to prove to her mother that the path she has chosen for her life is the good one.

Flandre Windsor

Sugar Spell: Flandre is such a sweetie pie (Original Content)
Sugar Spell - Flandre Windsor || Original Manga

Flandre can be a little silly and spacey at times, but she’s a very loyal and caring friend. She is also very sweet and lovable. Cheerful and carefree, she loves to take care of flowers and cherish nature.

Don’t let her innocent looks fool you! Flandre comes from a very special family, specialized in herbal medicine, and is a very strong witch with unsuspected power!

Remilia Belamy

Sugar Spell: Remilia is a strict, but loyal friend (Original Content)
Sugar Spell - Remilia || Original Manga

Now, Remilia is a very serious witch! She wants to become the best witch in the kingdom. Remilia comes from a family with close a connection to astrology, and she’s able to speak the language of the stars and planets.

Although Remilia is usually calm, she is also a little shy and doesn’t feel very comfortable around many people, especially humans. Her stern behavior actually hides her sensitive side.

Do you feel like tasting it already?

Like some of my other commissioned manga, Sugar Spell has 12 chapters and is available as part of my digital manga magazine, EcchiToons! It isn't a subscription and is full of tons of ecchi content.

And of course, there’s much more for you to discover! 🤩 So, if you are looking for original content for Otakus, like I was until I commissioned these stories, why don’t you give these little witches a chance before the next Halloween?

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