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Top 10 anime characters who cheated on their partners

Even in the Anime world, we aren’t safe from cheating. Being unfaithful and the theme of infidelity is the worst form of betrayal, and some of our favorite Anime characters have to go through that.

So, in this list, we will see betrayal in the most horrible form, which is cheating, and how some of these characters don’t even have remorse for their actions.

10. Machiko (Death Parade)

Top 10 anime characters who cheated on their partners

Whenever someone talks about cheating in anime, Machiko is at the top of the list. Machiko is a character from Death Parade, an Anime about the afterlife with an interesting life-or-death concept.

In this Anime, we are introduced to a woman named Machiko, who looks stunning and practically simps for her husband mostly. On the surface, it seems she cares about her husband Takashi and always ensures he’s doing okay. But deep down, we see a dark side of Machiko.

She ends up cheating on him and even has a baby, which is unclear whether it’s Takashi’s or her new partner's. Her ending is horrible. Her husband tries to grab her phone while driving, and they both end up going off a cliff and dying. Poor guy didn’t deserve this ending.

9. Hotaru Mizushina and her Best Friend (Netsuzou Trap)

Top 10 anime characters who cheated on their partners

Cheating doesn’t always have to be direct, and Hotaku Mizushina from Netsuzou Trap is a prime example of this. She is one of the main characters in the Anime, along with her best friend, Yuma Okazaki.

They are both in the same high school as their boyfriends but often end up doing some of the most erotic things to each other in the name of “gaining experience.” Even though both of them have boyfriends, Hotau tells Yuma that as they get more practical with their physical acts, they will know what they are doing and gain experience.

This leads them to develop romantic feelings for each other and cheat on their boyfriends, ultimately ruining their relationships.

8. Joseph Joestar (JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure)

Top 10 anime characters who cheated on their partners

If there’s someone who cheated and got away with it without any punishment, it’s Joseph Joestar from JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure. The dude had the best wife in the world, Suzi Q. They had an amazing life, but Joseph seemed to always have a problem staying faithful.

While this is an action Anime, infidelity happens in part 4 of the series, where we are introduced to a whole new affair. Joseph had a girlfriend in a faraway town and a son who was around 16 years old.

Since Suzie Q has no idea about the situation, it makes the cheating even more problematic.

7. Shoji Endo (Nana)

Top 10 anime characters who cheated on their partners

When you start watching Nana, you must have wondered, “Who would cheat on such a gorgeous girl?” I mean, she practically left everything to move to Tokyo just to be with her boyfriend.

However, she got cheated on twice. Once, it was done by her boyfriend, Shoji Endo, who cheated on her with Sachiko Kawamura. Then, her husband, Takumi Ichinose, cheated on her with Reira Serizawa.

The poor girl just couldn’t find anyone faithful, which made this series one of the saddest anime with a character that got cheated on by their partner.

6. Takayuki Narumi (Rumbling Hearts)

Top 10 anime characters who cheated on their partners

Now, let’s discuss Takayuki Narumi, the main character from Rumbling Hearts. In the series, he meets Haruk Suzumiya in a bookstore, and their relationship slowly blossoms. But later, we see that it was mostly one-sided.

One day, the girl Haruka gets into an accident while waiting for him and falls into a coma. Takayuki and his best friend Mitsuki share this sadness, only to be brought closer to each other.

So, what happens? Well, Takayuki ends up cheating on Haruki with Hitsuki, and once she wakes up from a coma, she is devastated to see her life and everything falling apart.

5. Shotaro Fuwa (Skip Beat!)

Top 10 anime characters who cheated on their partners

This one is a very messed up situation. Shotaro Fuwa is one of the best musicians in Japan for Skip Beat! He gets into a situationship with Kyoko Mogami, a 16-year-old girl. Kyoko has also been in love with him since childhood and sees her relationship with Shotaro in a very different light.

However, Shotaro treats her like crap, basically treating her as his servant with no empathy whatsoever. Kyoko even supported him at his worst, but once Shotaro gained more fame, he showed more affection to his manager than to her ever.

This one-sided love destroyed Kyoko’s life, making her not believe in love for quite some time.

4. Akane Minagawa (Scum’s Wish)

Top 10 anime characters who cheated on their partners

Things don’t get much more twisted than this particular cheating act in Scum’s Wish. Akane Minagawa is a music teacher, and at school, she seems like a simple-minded woman who’s in love with another teacher named Narumi Kanai.

However, outside the school, she’s a completely different woman. She’s unfaithful with a bad character. Akane often flirts with other men and even has a physical relationship with a student, all while dating Narumi.

In the end, it’s revealed that Akane only used Narumi to make a school student jealous.

3. Toya Fujii (White Album)

Top 10 anime characters who cheated on their partners

One of the main characters from White Album, Toya Fuji, is in a relationship with Morikawa Yuki, a rising pop idol. While Toya looks faithful and good, he has a vulgar side. He somehow convinces his girlfriend, who’s working hard to become a famous idol, that he can cheat on her.

The results? Well, he cheats on anyone interested in him. Therefore, he destroys his relationship along with the life of the innocent and naive Yuki.

2. Haruka Kasugano (Yosuga no Sora)

Top 10 anime characters who cheated on their partners

Haruka Kasugano is the main character of Yosuga no Sora, a very messed-up anime about cheating at its finest. In the show, we are introduced to a set of twins who move in with their grandparents after their parents die.

Here, Haruka dates someone from his past, Nao Yorihime. While things are going great between them, he ends up cheating on her with his twin sister! Talk about how to destroy your relationship.

1. Kouske Kasuga (Kimagure Orange Road)

Top 10 anime characters who cheated on their partners

hat’s worse than a love triangle? Well, Kosuke’s situation.

He gets stuck in this weird bubble where he is in a relationship with a girl named Hikaru and friends with Madoka. However, as the story progresses, Kosuke realizes he’s in love with Madoka, but it’s already too late.

Throughout the story, he is puzzled that the girl he’s in a relationship with isn’t really his love choice. And his friend, whom he wants the world with, has no idea that he’s got such crazy feelings for her.

On the one hand, he is afraid of ending his relationship with Hikaru because he fears hurting her. On the other hand, he fears telling Madoka his true feelings because he doesn’t want to destroy their friendship.

Final Verdict

We live in a world where cheating is almost justified. You may think the same while watching some of the anime on the list. And cheating doesn’t always have to be physical. It comes in every way, shape, and form, and these characters went to every extreme to ensure they hurt their love interest to the fullest!

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