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Why High School of The Dead Season 2 is Possible, Plus Best Boobs Scenes by Saeko, Rei and Shizuka

The HOTD girls are wearing white underwear and a strawberry cake between them


  • Intro: Zombies, Boobs, and Hope - Oh My!
  • The Undead Elephant in the Room: Why HOTD S2 Hasn't Happened Yet
  • Reasons to Keep the Faith (Besides Saeko in a Bikini)
  • Top 3 Oppai Scenes That Made Us Go "Sugoi!"
  • Ecchi-rific Bonus: Dive into EcchiToons!

Zombies, Boobs, and Hope - Oh My!

Close-up of Saya and Rei's butts as they look back
High School of The Dead episode 9

Ohayo, ecchi lovers! It's your girl, Liz-chan, here, ready to talk about everyone's favorite zombie-slaying, physics-defying anime - High School of the Dead! It's been ages since we last saw Takashi and his harem of hot heroines bust some undead heads (and out of their shirts), but could Season 2 finally be shambling our way?

Now, I know what you're thinking - "Liz-chan, stop teasing us like Shizuka-sensei's bouncing... assets!" But hear me out! While there's no official announcement yet, there are some juicy reasons to keep hope alive. So grab your Rika-approved sniper rifle, adjust your pants, and let's dive into why HOTD Season 2 might just rise from the grave!

The Undead Elephant in the Room: Why HOTD S2 Hasn't Happened Yet

Saeko Busujima wearing a naked apron
High School of The Dead

Okay, let's address the zombie-sized elephant in the room - it's been over a decade since Season 1 aired. What gives? Well, my ecchi experts, there are a few reasons why we haven't gotten more HOTD goodness.

  1. The manga's tragic end: Sadly, HOTD's creator, Daisuke Satō, passed away in 2017, leaving the manga unfinished.
  2. Limited source material: The anime adapted 4 out of 7 manga volumes. While there's still content left, it's not a ton to work with. Talk about being caught with your pants down!
  3. Controversy: Let's face it: HOTD isn't exactly subtle with its "plot." Some folks think it's more scandalous than Saeko in battle mode!

But don't lose hope yet, my oppai-loving comrades! There might still be life in this series...

Reasons to Keep the Faith (Besides Saeko in a Bikini)

Rei, Takashi, and Saeko, getting ready to fight

Listen up, you degenerate (I say that with love)! There's still hope for more HOTD goodness, and I'm not just talking about Rei's impossible boob physics. Despite the challenges, HOTD's popularity refuses to die harder than a stubborn zombie. It's still ranking high on anime sites, proving that fans can't get enough of those, ahem, "headshots."

Plus, have you noticed the zombie renaissance lately? With shows like "Zom 100" making waves, the undead are hotter than Shizuka-sensei in a nurse outfit. This renewed interest in zombie content could be just the kick in the pants that HOTD needs to shuffle back into production.

But here's the real kicker - we don't necessarily need the manga to continue! An anime-original story could be just what the busty school nurse ordered. Imagine all the new oppai-tunities for "plot" development!

And let's not forget those juicy rumors about American studios eyeing HOTD. A Western twist on our favorite ecchi zombie apocalypse? Sign me up faster than Kohta volunteering for Saya's "target practice"!

Top 3 Oppai Scenes That Made Us Go "Sugoi!"

While we wait for Season 2 news, let's reminisce about some of HOTD's most... memorable moments. You know, for science!

  • Saeko's Sword Dance: Who knew killing zombies could be so... bouncy?
Takashi hugging Saeko from behind
High School of The Dead episode 9
  • Rei's Sniper Lesson: Talk about a hands-on education!
Takashi uses Rei's body as a stand to fire a rifle
High School of The Dead Episode 8
  • Shizuka-sensei's... Everything: Let's be real, every scene with her is an oppai scene!
Shizuka presses the size of her chest against Takashi
High School of The Dead Episode 6

Ecchi-rific Bonus: Dive into EcchiToons!

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For just $29, you get instant access to all this delicious content. No black bars, no censorship - just pure, unadulterated ecchi goodness. Plus, you will even score a free acrylic figure! So, while we keep our fingers crossed for HOTD Season 2, why not dive into EcchiToons? It's guaranteed to make your wait much more entertaining. That's all for today, Ja ne!

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