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Xenovia, Irina, and Asia: Try not to drool over the sexy waifus of The Church Trio

Religious waifus are sinners, too!

Asia, Xenovia, and Irina: The sexy waifus of the Church Trio
High School DxD,, Promotional Art || Credits: High School DxD Wiki

I know Akeno is frisky and Rias is provocative, but what about the other waifus in High School DxD?

Asia Argento, Irina Shidou, and Xenovia Quarta are three sexy female anime characters who have brought joy to DxD fans by showing off their curves! These attractive ladies deserve to receive lots of love, and today, I’ll show you all they’ve got.

Who is the Church Trio?

Asia, Xenovia, and Irina are called “the church trio” because of their devotion and faith despite everything they went through.

But praying together doesn’t make them saints! These three waifus are as horny and naughty as the others in High School DxD and always ready to take off their clothes and drive fans crazy!

At first, they didn’t get along so well. Xenovia and Irina didn’t believe in Asia since she had turned into a Devil, and they were very cruel to her. With time, though, they warmed up, Asia forgave Xenovia and Irina, and all three became good friends.

Asia Argento

Asia Argento Sexy Eyecatch
High School DxD, Season 3, Episode 10 || Credits:

Asia Argento is the series Damsel in Distress. She’s a sweet, delicate young girl with long blonde hair and green eyes. She has modest boobs and narrow hips that complement her fragile looks.

Asia and Xenovia became best friends after Xenovia turned into a devil, too. They spent some time together and shared common interests.

Asia Sexy Mobage Card
[Bustier X] Asia Argento (Bishop) #1 || Credits: MG-Renders

Besides their love for the church, both share a love for Issei, and Irina does too. They became great friends in the series and often worked together to get Issei’s attention… in a naughty way.

Xenovia Quarta

Xernovia Quarta Sexy moment in High School DxD Born
High School DxD, Season 3, Special 2 || Credits: High School DxD Wiki

Xenovia is beautiful, strong, and determined! She has chin-length blue hair, a dyed green fringe on the right side, and brown eyes. Along with Irina, she is among the waifus with the biggest boobs in High School DxD!

She is also very protective of Asia and takes responsibility for her safety when Issei isn't around. They have much in common, including their origin, since both are Italian. So it’s natural that they would become best friends.

Xenovia Quarta sexy mobage card
[Circuit IX] Xenovia Quarta (Knight) #2 || Credits: MG-Renders

Irina used to be much closer to Xenovia, often going on missions together. But their relationship was shaken when Irina discovered Xenovia had become a Devil. However, they eventually made up.

Irina Shidou

Irina Sexy scene in High School DxD Hero
High School DxD, Season 4, Episode 6 || Credits: High School DxD Wiki

Finally, there’s our ecchi angel, Irina Shidou, another bearer of giant boobs in DxD! Irina has a slender body with violet eyes and long chestnut hair, usually tied into twintails.

Having been friends with Xenovia for years and working together, both are very close and feel comfortable with each other. They even make odd requests, like when Xenovia asks to use Irina’s room to get intimate with Issei.

Irina Shidou mobage card depicting her in a provocative pose
[White Small Devil XI] Shidou Irina (Rook) #4

As for her relationship with Asia, Irina becomes protective of her after they become friends and even shows support for her relationship with Issei.

Now that you know who the church trio is, let’s appreciate a few extra pics!

Asia and Xenovia sexy scene in High School DxD Born
High School DxD, Season 3, Episode 6 || Credits: High School DxD Wiki
Irina and Xenovia sexy car wash scene
High School DxD, Season 4, Ending || Credits: High School DxD Wiki
Sexy High School DxD mobage card featuring Asia, Xenovia and Irina
[Harem II] Asia Argento, Shidou Irina, Xenovia Quarta (Knight) #5 || Credits: MG-Renders

Let’s Pray For More DxD Boobies!

There are more sexy waifus in High School DxD just waiting for their turn to be under the spotlight! Who should I cover next?

No matter which DxD waifu has your heart, I’m sure you’ll find plenty of sexy illustrations at The Otaku Community. So join us and set your ecchi desires free with others like you and me. Remember to check back on the blog so you don’t miss the next naughty waifu!

Images from High School DxD Wiki and MG-Renders

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