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Akane Sawatari

The Snake Girl, Former Yakuza Devil Hunter
Akane Sawatari



Akane Sawatari is a former civilian devil hunter who allied herself with the Gun Devil. She is the secondary antagonist of the Katana Man arc in Chainsaw Man. Akane had a contract with the Snake Devil, which gave her various snake-themed abilities. Initially working with Katana Man against Denji and the devil hunters, she later opposes Makima only to ultimately meet her demise.

Personality and Appearance

Akane wearing casual clothing

Akane is a petite young woman with short blonde hair with dark brown roots. Her most striking feature is her red slit-pupil snake-like eyes. She typically wears a red oversized hoodie, black shorts, and orange/white Nike Air Max 97 sneakers.

Akane generally appears calm and cool-headed, keeping her hands in her hoodie pockets to hide her bloody fingernails from using her devil contract. However, she can become panicked when faced with powerful opponents like Makima. Despite her collected demeanor, Akane is willing to work with ruthless individuals for her own gain.

Powers and Abilities

Akane uses the power of the snake devil to fight

Through her contract with the Snake Devil, Akane possesses abilities including:

  • Summoning snakes to swallow and store targets/objects
  • Regurgitating absorbed targets to fight alongside her
  • Extending the Snake Devil's tail as an attack
  • Sacrificing her fingernails to activate contract abilities


  • Designed a heart implant, allowing Katana Man's transformation
  • She may have been inspired by early concept art for Power's design
  • Ranked 31st and 37th in the first two Chainsaw Man popularity polls

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