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Asia Argento

Asia Argento


Asia Argento is one of the main female protagonists in the light novel and anime series High School DxD. The gentle but unshakable Asia acts as the radiant heart of Issei's group. Despite a tragic past, her kind spirit and incredible healing abilities make her a beloved ally to all.

Originally a nun, Asia was reborn as a devil after being excommunicated. She joined the Occult Research Club and quickly became one of Issei's dearest companions and future wives. Though petite, Asia wields phenomenal sacred powers as a Bishop healing specialist.

Personality & Appearance

Asia's design on Highschool DxD seasons 1-3
Highschool DxD Season 1-3 || Credits:
Asia's design on Highschool DxD HERO
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Pure, pious and perpetually polite, Asia is the definition of a gentle soul. Her soft-spoken voice and unwavering kindness instantly warm the hearts around her. Despite being a devil, Asia clings to her faith, still praying and believing in God's love.

Initially, she had difficulty adjusting to being a devil. But Asia grows bolder in expressing her romantic feelings for Issei, even getting jealous when others are intimate with him. She dreams of marrying Issei and having children.

Asia is petite with a slender build, long blonde hair styled with bangs, and green eyes. As a nun, she wore a dark teal habit with a white veil. At Kuoh, Asia wears the standard uniform but with a black sweater vest.

Powers & Abilities

Asia praying while activating her healing powers

As a Bishop, Asia's main power is her immense magical ability to heal. Her signature is the Twilight Healing Sacred Gear, granting her the following skills:

  • Heal Humans, Devils, Angels and Fallen Angels
  • Expand her healing aura over a wide range
  • Fire healing energy blasts and arrows
  • Negate damage with a defensive healing field

After forming pacts with dragons like the Sprite Dragon Rassei and the Golden Dragon King Fafnir, Asia's powers increase tremendously. She can summon dragon familiars for protection while she supports allies with abilities like:

  • Enhanced Healing Augmented by Fafnir's Aura
  • Purification Flames and Youjutsu Techniques
  • Taming and Contracting Evil Mass-produced Dragons

Asia's healing talents are so great, that she became renowned as the "Dragon Priestess" among dragons. With her Balance Breaker "Twilight Saint Affection", she dons a golden dragon armor giving her an impenetrable healing field.

Other skills include basic devil magic like defensive barriers, elemental attacks, and flight. Despite her passive nature, Asia shows amazing determination when defending Issei.


  • Asia's dream is to live a quiet life in the countryside with Issei as a farmer.
  • Her nickname "Panties Sister" comes from frequently giving her underwear to Fafnir.
  • She is the third girl officially engaged to the protagonist Issei Hyoudou.
  • In a popular series poll, Asia ranked 8th overall and 5th among heroines.
  • Her hobbies include praying, gardening, and collecting shojo manga.

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