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Cana Alberona

Fairy Tail's Mage Drinker
Cana Alberona


Almost every Fairy Tail fan loves Cana. She is a warm member of the Fairy Tail Guild and a potential S-ranker. Cana from Fairy Tail is a heavy drinker but never gets quite drunk. No matter how much she drinks, she keeps having fun while creating memories with the guild.

And if you didn't know already, Cana is the daughter of the strongest guy in Fairy Tail, Gildarts. However, unlike her father, she doesn't want to chase the glory. Rather, she just wants to have fun with the guild members.

While Cana is a unique beauty, she isn't a slouch. She knows how to handle things when there's trouble. She is a powerful Mage who is dependable.

Personality & Appearance

Cana is looking confident and ready to fight!
Cana Standing with a Fist

Fairy Tail's Cana Alberona is a beauty with a shocking personality. And being the daughter of Gildart Clive, she isn't just any character. She is tall with slim, tanned skin and a bust that would make your heart go pitter-patter.

She has bright brown hair that is shoulder length. And in the manga, we can see her hair being curlier than in the anime. Cana also has bright brown eyes and long eyelashes that can make you fall in love with her. However, her large breasts and her curvy figure are really why all men fall flat for her. She typically wears clothes that reveal her upper body, showing off most of her figure.

As far as personality goes, Cana is pretty chill and just wants to drink all the time. If we were to describe Cana in one line, it would be: "someone who loves alcoholic beverages but is resistant to them." Also, her laid-back attitude is primarily due to her drinking habits.

At some point in the series, Cana also develops romantic feelings for Macao Conbolt, her drinking buddy. But when she finds out that he has a new girlfriend, she just goes back to her usual drinking. All in all, Cana is someone you would love to talk to, but her abilities are deadly. So you would be wise to run.

Powers, Abilities, and Magic

Cana showing off her cards while preparing for a battle
Cana Holding Cards

Cana's primary ability involves Magic Cards. She uses different magical cards that produce various effects on her enemies. She can generate both abiotic and biotic things.

As for her fighting style, she is an all-rounder. She often uses long-distance attacks rather than going close to her opponents. But overall, she isn't anything special that would blow your mind.

Here are her abilities in more detail.

  • Call Gildarts Card:

Probably the strongest tool in her arsenal, Mirajane gave this card to Cana after Gildarts asked her. This card has a picture of Gildarts with the words "Call" and "Gildarts." Frankly speaking, it looks like a complete joke.

However, by using this card, Cana can call her dad, who is probably the strongest fighter in the series. When Gildarts comes to Cana, it's usually game over for the opponent.

  • Fairy Glitter:

While Cana has been trying to pass the S-Class Trial, she has an ability that puts her well within the class. Fairy Glitter is one of the three great magical abilities in Fairy Tail. With this ability, she can summon a large halo of light that destroys anything it touches.

Moreover, a sharp tattoo appears on her right forearm, which resembles an arrowhead. And the results? Well, let's just say no one is safe from Cana's wrath once she's angry.

  • Fortune Telling:

As the holder of Magic Cards, Cana can read fortunes and tell a person's fate. She already used this ability on Lucy and told her that she would meet someone special, which happened.

She can also use this ability to locate the location of others, where they are, and a lot of unique things.

Trivia About Cana

  • Cana's derives from "Arcana", which is from the tarot.
  • When Cana was young, she had a pet dog that she used to find her father.
  • Cana likes alcoholic drinks and hates non-alcoholic beverages.
  • She is the oldest of the current generation of Fairy Tail Mages.
  • Cana began drinking when she was just thirteen years of age. That's quite concerning!

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