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Erza Scarlet

Titania, S-Class Mage of the Fairy Tail Guild, Fairy Queen Titania
Erza Scarlet


Erza Scarlet, also known as Titania the Fairy Queen, is a badass female character from Fairy Tail. She's a fearsome S-Class mage known for her overpowered magical abilities. But she's also the new Guild Master in the series. Erza is not only the beauty queen but also has a mastery of Requip magic.

It's an overpowered magic that allows Erza to swap between many armors and weapons with real speed. Her beauty might already be perfect, but she's smarter than Einstein. This ability also gives her overpowering strength, tactical abilities, and badass gear for every fight.

However, her past is mysterious and dark. She was a child slave at the evil Tower of Heaven, where she lost an eye and faced many hardships. Now, she has an artificial eye.

Erza often encountered the worst enemies since childhood, so she grew up quite strong. Despite her overwhelming past, Erza never gives up and is one of the strongest mages in the Fairy Tail guild.

And while most men would die for her, she's somewhat of a nagging mom. But that doesn't mean she abandons her teammates in their time of need. Rather, she would do anything possible to protect them, ultimately inspiring them and showing them courage and wisdom.

Physical Appearance and Personality

Erza Scarlet in a bikini waving a peace sign
Erza Scarlet in a bikini

Fairy Tail's Erza Scarlet is a unique case. Her long scarlet hair that flows freely takes our breaths away. But sometimes, she puts them into braids during battle, which makes Erza look like a badass. Her character design is unique, from her body to her weapons and armor.

However, her most stunning features are her confidence and her walk. She wears beautiful armor that showcases her attractive physique, but her real beauty comes out when she removes it. This warrior-woman image is both powerful and sexy, which she's proud of.

Erza Scarlet's height is also impressive, at 5'9 inches, which is considerably tall for the anime. But with a tall body, she has the right proportions, making her quite attractive.

Her beauty also goes beyond the physical. When not in battle mode, she enjoys dressing in feminine clothes, which gives many people nosebleeds. And yes! Erza even attracts women with her beautiful charm.

Despite her fearful aura, she is full of kindness and compassion, thinking of her guildmates as family. Oftentimes, she gives off the vibes of a mother because she handles everyone in the guild. Whether it's Natsu going crazy or Happy throwing temper tantrums, her loyalty to the guild is unwavering.

Additionally, Erza might be a rough and tough warrior, but she has a sweet tooth that would make you not even recognize her anymore. Candies, biscuits, anything sweet, Erza is there to munch.

Powers, Abilities, and Magic:

Erza Scarlet wearing her armor while attacking
Erza showcases her powers & abilities

Erza is the most badass character in Fairy Tail. Her strength is legendary, even among fellow S-Class mages.

She can destroy a mountain with her attacks or kill someone with the flick of a finger. Her amazing physical abilities allow her to wield huge swords and wear shiny, heavy armor.

Erza's main ability is using the Requip magic, which lets her protect her teammates most flawlessly.

Combine that with her raw strength, which can defeat bears, and she's a one-man army. Erza is so strong that she can defeat practically anyone easily.

From taking on entire armies to enemies that look as tall as the Eiffel Tower, she can do anything.

Here's a breakdown of Erza's impressive abilities.

  • Requip Magic: Requip is Erza's signature magic move. It allows her to equip various armor and weapons that she stores in an unknown world. This makes Erza quite flexible, as she can adjust to just about any situation.
  • Incredible Mind: Erza's strategic thinking is unrivaled. It's one of the most impressive aspects about her. She can quickly analyze situations, make the right strategies, and ultimately win the battle.
  • Magical Abilities: Erza has a huge reserve of magic. Her magic allows her to use her Requip magic, which is quite demanding. With this, she can do magic and perform wonders, like improving her attacks or offensive magical skills.
  • Sword Fighting Abilities: Erza is an overpowered swordsman. She can wield countless blades, which surprises her enemies and allows her to win battles. Her swordsmanship is unique as her swords change according to her specific fighting style.
  • Overpowered Conditioning: Erza Scarlet's armors protect her from most physical and magic attacks. She has also conditioned her body to take the most vicious blows. You can often see her handling vicious attacks even after the worst battles.

Trivia about Erza

  • Erza loves sweet things. She hides her sweet tooth by showing a tough exterior, but anything sweet overwhelms her with love.
  • The original Erza Scarlet design was much different from what we see today. It depicted a disciplined soldier wearing armor and carrying a weapon.
  • After Jellal lost his memories, he only remembered Erza and described her as "full of kindness, brightness, and warmth."
  • Erza is a bad drinker! She becomes funny, aggressive, and rowdy, which is cute but scary.
  • Despite looking like a total badass, Erza is quite insecure. Without her armor, she feels like she has lost all protection.
  • Someone who knows Erza might think her suitcase is full of equipment, right? But it's full of cakes and sweet things!

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