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The Ghost Devil Contractor, Aki's Seasoned Partner


Himeno was a Public Safety Devil Hunter working under Makima and partnered with Aki Hayakawa. A veteran Devil Hunter, she was a mentor to newcomers like Denji. Himeno presented an easygoing, laid-back personality, contrasting Aki's seriousness.

However, she harbored a pessimistic worldview after losing multiple partners over the years. Himeno deeply cared for Aki's well-being and harbored romantic feelings for him. She also aimed to help Denji pursue Makima while he helped her get with Aki, though both failed. Ultimately, Himeno made a heroic sacrifice using all her powers against Akane Sawatari to protect Aki.

Personality & Appearance

Himeno wearing her usual devil hunter attire

Himeno had an upbeat, carefree demeanor, joking around even on missions. Yet she could remain calm under stress, motivating allies with unorthodox tactics. Beneath her cheerful front lay a cynical perspective - having lost many partners, she coped through vices like smoking and drinking. When drunk, Himeno became highly promiscuous and flirtatious.

She was a beautiful young woman with short black hair and an eyepatch covering her contracted right eye. Himeno had a voluptuous, curvaceous figure and stood very tall for a Japanese woman at 5'9". Her attire consisted of the standard Devil Hunter suit.

Powers and Abilities

Himeno was a tremendously skilled and powerful Devil Hunter. Her core ability stemmed from her contract with the Ghost Devil, granting her command over supernatural ghostly limbs.

  • Hand-to-Hand Combat Proficiency
  • Ghost Devil Contract
    • She can summon ghostly limbs by motioning with her right arm
    • At maximum, she can fully manifest the Ghost Devil
  • High Alcohol Tolerance
  • A caring mentor personality that could motivate allies


  • Himeno loved casual flings, even with coworkers, such as kissing new partners.
  • She pressured Aki into smoking, believing Devil Hunters died too young for health risks.
  • Himeno saw unpredictable "screwloose" Devil Hunters as more successful.
  • Her name, which means "princess of the fields," reflects her gentle yet wild duality.
  • Himeno was originally planned as Aki's sister and Denji's buddy instead of Power.

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