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Irene Belserion

Scarlet Despair, Queen of Dragons, The Sage Dragon
Irene Belserion


Irene Belserion is popular with a single name in Fairy Tail: "Dominant Mommy." She is the strongest woman in the Spriggan 12 organization and the project guard of Emperor Spriggan.

Her nickname, "Scarlet Despair," is such a fitting name, but when paired with her sexiness, things go to another level. She is also one of the few who can use Dragon Slayer Magic like Natsu.

However, there's a huge twist in Irene's identity that wasn't shocking for many. You see, Irene had a strikingly similar resemblance to Erza. Well, it turns out she is Erza's mother... And a powerful one. No wonder she can kick butt while being one of the most beautiful-looking females.

She is more than just your usual cookie-cutter character; she's a baddie. Her nickname was inspired by her magnitude of power and crazy techniques. She's also the creator of Dragon Slayer Magic, which is an amazing feat.

Irene's abilities are crazy, but her personality and appearance might surprise you!

Personality & Appearance

Irene looks defeated and sadly injured while still smiling
Irene Smiling After Losing

On the surface, she looks like the most beautiful lady in Fairy Tail. No woman in the Fairy Tail guild can pull off looks like Irene does. She is busty and has thick braided scarlet hair that even surpasses Erza.

She wears two golden ornaments near the upper section and a red lipstick that could just steal your heart. She wears a unique dress that only amplifies her beauty. In her human form, she's a gorgeous lady yet a powerful magician.

However, there's much more to expect from Irene, and her transformation into a dragon might shock you. Yes! Since she created the Dragon Slayer magic, she can become a literal Dragon with her magical powers.

Irene Belserion's Dragon Form is many times bigger than an average human and can shake your soul. She has light-color scales running all over her skin. And with the three pairs of extensions from her jaw, she is more of a dark-looking dragon.

She can scare off any man, woman, or even dragon with her unique-looking transformation. But personality is where things get spicier. Normally, you would expect a woman like her with such abilities to be rowdy and angry.

However, Irene is a knowledgeable historian who keeps her calm in any situation. She has a humorous side to her, which many love and hate. She is also extremely powerful and confident, wanting to handle Acnologia herself.

But deep down, Irene has a dark side. She's a ruthless individual. She's so ruthless that she would question people who are much higher in authority than her. Well, we can expect that when you're a 10/10 in almost every area.

Powers, Abilities, and Magic

Irene's transformation into her Dragon form
Irene's Dragon Form

Irene uses the Enchant Magic, which is one of the most powerful tools in her arsenal. She knows the Art of enchantment to a very high level. She is a High Enchanter, meaning she can change landscapes, climates, and even the world.

According to Zeref, who is arguably the strongest guy in the series, Irene is a prodigy. She is an expert in attaching and detaching magic from objects. Here are some of her abilities for a more comprehensive view.

  • Basic Enhancts:

She knows basic enchant spells like Berserker, Disappear, Concept Enhancement, and Wound Enhancement. Using Berserker, Irene can enchant her target into a monstrous form and make them mindless creatures.

Similarly, with Disappear, she creates bombs. Then we have Concept Enchantment, where she can focus on enhancing the attributes of other people or herself. Also, Irene can transfer wounds from one being to another.

  • High Enchants:

With high enchant, she can separate magic or other enchantments from someone. She can also add a personality to an object or a human being, which seems brutal.

Her high-level enchantment skills can also add many inanimate objects with personality. Irene is a magical genius, and she knows how to make things go her way.

  • Dragon Form:

In her dragon form, Irene can do damage that's difficult to protect against. She becomes quite powerful, easily breaking Erza's legs and left arm with a swat. Her magical abilities also get a boost, allowing her to control objects better.

Additionally, her Dues Sema ability is only available in her dragon form. Irene can summon a huge asteroid from space towards Earth that could destroy cities!

Trivia About Irene

  • Fairy Tail Irene's death was sad as she chose to kill herself to protect Erza.
  • The author planned for Irene to be the mother of Dragon Slayers even before she appeared in the manga.
  • Irene is the mother of Erza Scarlet and the creator of Dragon Slayer Magic.
  • Irene is the first Dragon Slayer in Fairy Tail.
  • She used to be a wonderful land queen called Dragnof.

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