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Irina Shidou

"Angel-chan (by Jeanne)," "Self-Proclaiming Angel" 
Irina Shidou


Irina Shidou is Issei Hyoudou's childhood friend and one of the main female protagonists. Initially an exorcist of the Protestant Church, she was later reincarnated as an Angel, becoming the "Ace of Spades" in Archangel Michael's peerage of Brave Saints.

Despite her devout Christian faith, Irina harbors romantic feelings for Issei and becomes one of his many fiancées. She struggles with impure thoughts that cause her Angel wings to flicker black, risking falling from grace as a Fallen Angel.


Irina came from a lineage related to the Church, with her father being a pastor and exorcist. As a child, she was very close friends with Issei Hyoudou, and they even shared his first kiss while he was asleep.

At age 14, Irina was made an artificial Holy Sword wielder and granted the Excalibur Mimic. She partnered with Xenovia Quarta on missions like slaying the Manthar Vampire.

After learning that God from the Bible was dead, Irina's strong faith transferred over to the current "God," Archangel Michael, who reincarnated her as an Angel and his "Ace."

Personality & Appearance

Side-by-side picture of Irina's appearance in High School DxD seasons 1-3 and HERO
Highschool DxD HERO
Side-by-side picture of Irina's appearance in High School DxD seasons 1-3 and HERO
Highschool DxD Season 1-3

Irina is an incredibly cheerful, carefree girl with an upbeat personality. She is cooperative and open-minded, though initially harsh towards perceived religious opposition like Asia Argento.

Her Christian beliefs are of utmost importance, making her innocent yet stubborn in her convictions. Irina is respectful and friendly, traits valued by Michael.

As an Angel, she experiences "impure thoughts" that risk her falling, reflected by her flickering black wing feathers. However, this makes her bolder in pursuing a relationship with Issei.

Powers & Abilities

Irina Shidou throwing light rings while flying
High School DxD HERO episode 7
  • Light Weapons: As an Angel, Irina can create light-based weapons like swords, bows, arrows, and defensive barriers.
  • Teleportation Magic
  • Flight via Angel Wings
  • Skilled Swordswoman: Incredibly proficient with sword techniques and tricky movements, keeping pace with experts.


  • Hauteclere - A holy sword with purification abilities gifted by her father.
  • Excalibur Mimic - It could shapeshift into any desired form. It was later fused into a single Excalibur.
  • Holy Demonic Sword - A prototype based on Kiba's Sword of Betrayer.


  • She is ranked as the "Ace of Spades" in Michael's peerage upon becoming an Angel.
  • Has expressed interest in opening a bakery after graduating from school.
  • Shares a popular streaming group on DeviTube with Asia and Xenovia.
  • She is one of Issei's fiancées, the first who isn't part of his or Rias' peerages.

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