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Juvia Lockser

S-Class Mage, Juvia the Rain Woman
Juvia Lockser


Fairy Tail's Juvia Lockser is one of the most popular anime waifus ever! She is a sexy mage from the Fairy Tail Guild and a former S-class Mage from the infamous Phantom Lord Guild.

Juvia was a member of the guild's elite team named the Element 4. On the surface, she looks quite simple, but she's a complex character.

From the bottom of her heart, she's a good girl and intensely obsessed with Gray Fullbuster, an ice mage. Their one-sided love is quite cute since Gray always rejects her.

Her powers are water-based, and no one is safe from her wrath! When Juvia joins the Fairy Tail Guild, she matures in her personality. She understands compassion, the power of love, and caring about her teammates. But sometimes, she can come off as an awkward person.

Physical Appearance & Personality

Juvia in a sexy swimsuit with bubbles rising on all sides of her
Juvia in Swimsuit

Juvia Lockser is a beautiful young girl with blue hair, midnight blue eyes, and a snow-white skin complexion. She has a curvy figure, which makes everyone jealous of her, especially girls like Wendy. Many anime fans worldwide have done Juvia Lockser cosplays, showing how popular she is.

Initially, Juvia had long hair with curls at the base and used to wear a blue coat with a furry navy blue shawl. But things changed after she joined Fairy Tail.

Instead of her coat, she started wearing more revealing clothing, which made everyone fall in love with her. However, after learning about Gray's crush on Edolas's counterpart, she reverted to her original personality.

Her personality was more emotionally disconnected from everyone. Even when she was in the Phantom Lord Guild, she seemed off. But after joining the Fairy Tail Guild, things became better. Juiva fell in love with Gray, and that's when the whole "Gray and Juvia" ship took off!

Juvia loves Gray's muscles, and when any girl comes near him, she instantly considers them a love rival. She's always obsessed with Gray!

But that's just half of her personality. The other half is how deeply she cares about her guild members. During the Battle of Fairy Tail arc, Juvia fights against Cana, who is also a guild member. However, she sacrificed herself for the battle, even if it caused pain.

She also maintains good relations with everyone in the guild, but if anyone ever lays a finger on Gray, you bet she will be there.

Powers, Abilities, and Magic

Juvia in torn clothes, using her abilities to fight against enemies
Juvia's Powers and Abilities

Juvia is a powerhouse. Her main ability is using water; she can manipulate, control, or produce water however she likes. Moreover, she can use it in many ways.

For example, Juvia can make water blades that can slice through metals, solid rocks, and her enemies. She can also turn into water herself, making her quite overpowered in battle situations.

Her abilities also depend on her emotions. For example, if someone hurts Gray, she will attack most strongly. Juvia never stops loving her crush, and her water abilities in extreme anger are deadly.

She can freeze enemies or create boiling water to burn them. Here's a complete list of her abilities.

  • Water Form: Juvia transforms her body into water, which allows her to attack opponents. With this ability, she can also breathe underwater and move at higher speeds.
  • Water Bubbles: She can create bubbles that store oxygen. Her teammates can wear these bubbles and breathe underwater. Juvia can also increase the bubble size at will.
  • Water Cane: This ability allows Juvia to create a whip-like structure similar to how Lucy does it, but entirely water. She can fight her opponents and attack with pressure.
  • Unison Raid: Like many other high-level mages, Juvia can also perform Unison Raid. This ability allows her to fuse the Magic with another character, making water rise in the air. She can also send freezing needles to opponents.

Trivia About Juvia

  • Juvia's name comes from the Spanish word Lluvia, meaning rain.
  • In the series, she wears a doll around her name. It is a teru-teru bozu doll that Japanese children use to pray away the rain.
  • Juvia loves Gray and wants him all for herself. She is quite literally obsessed with him and wants to marry and have children with him.
  • Juvia is number 13 on Meredy's Most Important People to Kill list.

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