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Kagura Mikazuchi

The strongest mage of Mermaid Heel
Kagura Mikazuchi


Kagura Mikazuchi from Fairy Tail is the strongest mage from the Mermaid Heel guild and one of the most formidable characters in the entire series. Her striking beauty and deadly aura set her apart, making her a captivating and intimidating presence.

Kagura's beauty is complemented by her deadly prowess, making her a force to be reckoned with throughout the series. Her blue outfit shows a striking, fierce aura that only a few can match.

Her stunning appearance often makes other girls in the series jealous. With a beautiful figure, mesmerizing curves, amazing hair, and stylish clothes, everything about her enhances her allure. Her beauty is a central part of her character.

Also, Kagura Mikazuchi and Natsu Dragneel ships are all over the internet. People love creating ships, and Kagura is one of the prime examples of Fairy Tail ships fans adore.

When Kagura dons her beautiful uniform, things get even more intense. Her busty figure and gorgeous hair add a different dimension to her battles.

Her stoic aura only amplifies her attractiveness. Coupled with her incredible will and determination, Kagura is a woman who can rule, look stunning, and destroy hundreds!

Here's everything you need to know about Kagura.

Appearance & Personality

Kagura holding her sword and looking serious
Kagura Being Serious

When you look at Kagura, her appearance and personality go well together. She is a slim young woman with a busty figure that will make any man fall in love with her.

She has brown eyes and long, straight, purple hair that goes down to her shoulders. The hair is medium to long and looks amazing.

Her haircut resembles a Japanese Hime cut, which suits her well. As for clothing, she wears a gorgeous uniform that looks straight out of a royal family. She also wears long gloves and wields a sword to attack her opponents. Overall, Kagura's appearance is decent, not too flashy, and her personality fits it.

Speaking of, Kagura has a calm and composed vibe to her. She dislikes when the smallest things startle her and values stoicism. She is not talkative yet shows a sense of justice and honor in every fiber of her being.

She loves fighting and taking on challenges that are bigger than her. And if we've seen one thing throughout the series, Kagura holds onto hatred like a cat! Her anger towards Jellal is something she will never forget.

She wants to kill him with her own hands because of something he did in the past. But as we see in the series, she can overcome even her hatred for Jellal. This demonstrates her constant drive to improve herself and why her personality is so attractive.

Oh, and Kagura Mikazuchi in a Kimono is every man's dream! She resembles Erza Scarlet a lot and exudes a passionate energy.

Powers & Abilities

Kagura fighting to her death in a battle with Erza
Kagura vs Erza

Gravity magic is Kagura's main ability, carrying her throughout the series. She can easily manipulate gravity, which can destroy her target.

Her clothes also change from time to time throughout the series. Fighting against Erza, we saw one of her biggest character developments and skill displays.

Kagura is amazingly skilled at using gravity magic and can use various types. Here are the skills we've seen in the series.

  • Swordsmanship

Fighting with Team Natsu was the biggest lesson of her life. Why? She fought against Erza, one of the series's strongest swordsmen.

However, Kagura is a master at swordplay, as seen in the series. She can slash her enemies even when she sheathes her weapon. Also, she always uses blunt attacks to kill her opponents, ultimately winning the bout.

  • Swords Forms:

Forms are where Kagura takes things to the next level. Just like Erza's transformation, she has forms that she uses to destroy her opponents.

Her first form is the slashing form, where she destroys her opponent with a strong force. This lets her cut through her opponents like a charm.

Then, she has a strong form, which increases the impact of her sword. This attack is strong enough to destroy the whole ground.

  • Archenemy:

But Kagura's strongest feat is using her archenemy sword. This sword is also known as Style of the Undrawn Long Sword. Moreover, it's enough to destroy just about anyone you can find in the series.

She cut the Ophiuscus in four pieces while her sword was still sheathed, and she defeated Yukino Agria.

In other words, Kagura is easily one of the most overwhelmingly strong characters in the series.

Trivia About Kagua

  • Kagura greatly hates Jellal and loves to talk about her brother Simon.
  • Kagura used to live in the same village as Erza Scarlet, called Rosemary Village.
  • Her brother was a friend of Erza when they were forced to work in a tower.
  • In one of the comedic articles, Kagura kissed Jellal.

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