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Kanao Tsuyuri

The Flower Breathing Prodigy, Adopted Sister of the Kocho Family
Kanao Tsuyuri


Kanao Tsuyuri is a major supporting character in Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba. She serves as a Demon Slayer and Tsuguko to Shinobu Kocho. Adopted by the Kocho sisters after a difficult childhood, Kanao initially struggled with decision-making and expressing emotions. She gradually overcomes these challenges through her experiences and bonds with others to become a formidable Demon Slayer.

Personality and Appearance

Front view of Kanao wearing her Demon Slayer uniform

Kanao is a young woman of short stature with large, gentle purple eyes and black hair tied into a side ponytail. Her hair later develops pink tips. She wears a modified Demon Slayer uniform with a pleated skirt and white cloak.

Initially quiet and indecisive due to past trauma, Kanao relied on a coin flip to make choices. As the story progresses, she develops her own will and ability to express emotions, particularly during intense battles. She harbors a deep hatred for demons but shows compassion and determination to protect others.

Powers and Abilities

Kanao testing Tanjiro

As a highly skilled Demon Slayer, Kanao possesses exceptional abilities.

  • Flower Breathing: Mastered by observing Kanae Kocho
  • Enhanced Vision: Able to predict opponents' movements
  • Incredible Speed and Agility: Outpaces many fellow Demon Slayers
  • Strong Will: Refuses to give up even against powerful foes
  • Swordsmanship: Highly refined skills, praised even by Upper Rank demons


  • Her name contains characters meaning "chestnut," "flower," and "fall."
  • Chose her own surname from multiple options
  • Her main hobby is blowing soap bubbles
  • Kanao's favorite drink is Ramune
  • She keeps the coin given by Kanae in a memory box
  • Initially, she had difficulty thinking for herself in battle situations
  • She becomes a doctor after the Demon Slayer Corps disbands
  • Marries Tanjiro Kamado and has descendants continuing their legacy

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