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Nine-Tailed Fox Princess, Daughter of Yasaka, Kyoto Youkai Ruler


Kunou is the young daughter of Yasaka, who is the leader of the youkai faction based in Kyoto. Kunou is a nine-tailed golden fox, and she took over and ruled Kyoto temporarily when the Hero Faction kidnaped her mother. She first encounters Issei and the Occult Research Club when she attacks them, mistaking them for her mother's kidnappers. After clearing up the misunderstanding, Kunou enlists their help to rescue Yasaka.

Despite her childlike appearance, Kunou conducts herself with the regal poise of a princess. She can be stubborn at times but is also caring towards her mother. Kunou has a fascination with new experiences, like being awed by Issei's Scale Mail armor. She also becomes flustered when her mother flirts with Issei.

After the events in Kyoto, Kunou enrolls at Kuoh Academy as a first-year middle school student to further her education under Rias' guidance.

Personality & Appearance

Front view of Kunou wearing her usual miko shrine maiden dress
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The beautiful Kunou appears as an elementary school-aged girl with long golden blonde hair tied in a ponytail and matching golden yellow fox-like eyes. Her trademark features are her nine luxurious golden-furred tails and fox ears poking out.

Kunou's typical outfit is a traditional red-and-white miko shrine maiden dress with a haori jacket featuring a large pentagram surrounded by smaller pentagrams on the sleeves. She also wears tall geta sandals.

While regal and poised, Kunou hasn't lost her childlike innocence and wonder. She smiles brightly at new fascinating sights. At times, her obsessive, clingy side emerges, like when she is jealous of her mother's affection towards Issei.

Powers & Abilities

Fox Fire: As a nine-tailed fire fox, Kunou can generate and control potent golden spiritual fox fires, though her powers are still developing.

Transformation: She can shapeshift between her human and fox forms, hiding her tails and ears when desired.

Fox Dragon Mode: After spending time with the dragon god Ophis, Kunou gained the ability to enter a powerful "Fox Dragon Mode." Her hair turns white, and her aura becomes overwhelming for her age, akin to a Beast God's power. In this state, she can boost Yasaka's powers further.


  • Kunou's name means "nine weights," referencing her nine tails.
  • Her birthday on September 9th (9/9) is another reference to her tails.
  • She dreams of one day becoming a powerful ruler like her mother.
  • Kunou is fond of riding on Issei's shoulders.
  • She is quite popular at Kuoh Academy for her lovely appearance.

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