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Kuroka Toujou

Neko-chan (by herself), The Black Cat, Bad Cat (by Issei)
Kuroka Toujou


Kuroka is a rare Nekoshou, a variant breed of Nekomata reincarnated into a devil by her former master. Initially introduced as an antagonist, she is the older sister of Koneko Toujou. Kuroka killed her corrupt devil master to protect Koneko, becoming an SS-Class Stray Devil fugitive.

She later joined the Khaos Brigade's Vali Team before defecting to join Issei's side. Despite her playful personality, Kuroka cares deeply for her sister and hopes to revive their Nekoshou race by bearing Issei's children as one of his many fiancées.


Born to a human father and Nekoshou mother, Kuroka and her sister Koneko became orphans at a young age. Their Naberius clan master took them in and reincarnated them as devils, with Kuroka becoming his Bishop through two mutation pieces.

While serving her incredibly powerful master, Kuroka's senjutsu and magic abilities escalated rapidly, eventually surpassing him. When he attempted to experiment on Koneko, Kuroka killed him to protect her sister and became a Stray Devil fugitive.

This traumatized Koneko, leaving her terrified to use her powers. Kuroka joined the Khaos Brigade's Vali Team, maintaining her villainous persona until reconciling with Koneko and joining Issei's group.

Personality & Appearance

Kuroka is wearing her black kimono and standing sideways
Highschool DxD Season 1-3

Kuroka initially presents a malicious front but is actually quite playful, enjoying teasing others with her beauty and sensuality. She is vulgar and highly perverted, openly engaging in sexual acts with Issei.

However, Kuroka is fundamentally a caring woman who willingly became a Stray to protect Koneko. She struggles to express affection, instead opting to tease her sister.

Kuroka is stunningly beautiful with long black hair, cat-like gold eyes, and a voluptuous figure. Her signature outfit is a skimpy black kimono that exposes her shoulders and ample breasts.

Powers & Abilities

Kuroka casting senjutsu and youjutsu spells
Kuroka shoots her spells
  • Senjutsu Master: Superb skills in ki and controlling nature. She can enhance her physical abilities with touki aura.
  • Youjutsu Master: Highly skilled in Youkai techniques for offense, defense, and illusion casting.
  • Magic Mastery: Extremely talented in demonic and defensive magic, enhanced by her Bishop traits.
  • Space Manipulation: Can trap foes in spatial barriers and teleport short distances.
  • Hand-to-Hand Combat: Proficient brawler who combines physical strikes with magic/ki.
  • Nekomata Form: Her true form grows black cat ears and two tails.
  • Flight: Can fly using devil wings like other reincarnated devils.


Bishop Evil Pieces x2: Greatly amplifies her magical abilities beyond typical Bishops.

Gleipnir Chains: Mystical chains used to temporarily bind powerful foes.


  • She doesn't wear bras, using ki to support her breasts instead.
  • She Is a video game addict who freeloads in the Hyoudou Residence.
  • Kuroka once asked Vali to have children with her before turning to Issei.
  • Her name means "Black Song," referencing her hair and tail color.
  • Ranked 10th in the DxD Heroine popularity poll.

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