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The Control Devil, Member of the Four Horsemen


Makima is the main antagonist of the Public Safety Saga in Chainsaw Man. She is the Control Devil, embodying the fear of control and conquest, and a member of the Four Horsemen. Makima poses as the Chief Cabinet Secretary's Personal Devil Hunter while secretly manipulating those around her to achieve her goals.

Her stated aim is to control Chainsaw Man and use its power to create an ideal world without fear or death. However, her true desire is to be together forever with Pochita in a happy life. Makima is revealed to be extremely cunning, manipulative, and ruthless, seeing others merely as dogs to control without hesitation.

Personality and Appearance

Makima wearing her secretary uniform

On the surface, Makima appears kind, gentle, and friendly, acting relaxed even in crises. However, this hides her true Machiavellian nature as an amoral schemer. Makima has a cold, dispassionate personality and is willing to sacrifice anyone to reach her goals, which she deems a "necessary evil." Despite the human-like appearance of a woman in her 20s, her only inhuman features are yellow eyes with red rings.

Makima's defining traits are her cunning manipulation and ability to control others. She deceives Denji by feigning care while psychologically breaking him. Makima sees people as inferior dogs to dominate without mercy. Her composed facade hides a remorseless interior driven by her obsession with Pochita.

Powers and Abilities

Makima is holding her hands together, and a Japanese temple is behind her
Credits: Kurapika-r |

As a Primal Devil, Makima possesses vast supernatural powers that grow exponentially from the global fear she inspires.

  • Immense Strength
  • Enhanced Smell
  • Control Devil Abilities
  • Direct mind control over any being she deems inferior
  • She can summon the abilities of other Devils she controls
  • Force Manipulation to crush targets remotely
  • High Alcohol Tolerance
  • Proficient Hand-to-Hand Combat
  • High Intelligence for orchestrating complex schemes


  • Makima loves smoking "hi-fight" cigarettes, a play on the hi-lite brand.
  • Her character was partially inspired by Haruko from FLCL.
  • Her name in Japanese can be read as the words for "demon" and "shepherd."
  • The painting "The Fall of Lucifer" is significant imagery in Makima's apartment.
  • Makima is often associated with controlling parasites like wasps and worms.

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