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Marin Kitagawa

Marine (cosplay name), Kitagawa-san, Marin-chan
Marin Kitagawa


Marin Kitagawa is the vibrant and energetic female lead of My Dress-Up Darling. A popular high school student passionate about cosplay, Marin's life changes when she meets Wakana Gojo, a skilled but introverted doll maker.

Their chance encounter leads to a blossoming friendship and collaboration, with Gojo creating cosplay outfits for Marin's ambitious projects. Marin's outgoing personality and genuine enthusiasm for her hobbies gradually draw Gojo out of his shell, while her kindness and acceptance help him overcome his insecurities.

Personality & Appearance

Front view of Marin Kitagawa wearing her school uniform

Marin is a tall, slender girl with long blonde hair that fades to pink at the tips. She typically wears dark pink colored contacts, though her natural eye color is dark brown. Her fashion sense is bold and trendy, often accessorizing with multiple ear piercings and glittery pink acrylic nails.

Bubbly and outgoing, Marin exudes confidence and charm. She's passionate about her interests in anime, manga, and cosplay, unafraid to express her enthusiasm openly. Despite her popularity, Marin is kind-hearted and non-judgmental, quickly befriending the reserved Gojo and encouraging him to embrace his unique talents.

While generally carefree, Marin can be scatter-brained and impulsive at times. She often procrastinates on schoolwork in favor of her hobbies. However, she shows surprising focus and determination when motivated, especially in perfecting her cosplays.


  • Her name "Marin" can mean "sea dream" in Japanese.
  • Despite her elegant appearance, Marin is apparently not a strong swimmer.
  • She has a notable sweet tooth and loves trying new foods.
  • Marin is living alone while her father works abroad.

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