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Mirajane Strauss

The Demon, The Face of Fairy Tail
Mirajane Strauss


Fairy Tail's Mirajane Strauss is an S-Class mage who knows no limits! On the surface, she looks like a cute receptionist, but her personality is the most complex.

She's one of the most beloved members of the guild, but don't let her false demeanor make you think she's soft. Mirajane has a dark yet attractive vibe to her! And she is the strongest S-Class mage ranked in the guild when Gildarts's out.

As a senior member, she loves ensuring everyone does their duty properly. She can beat most characters not just in combat but in terms of abilities. Her personality is deadly, but she hides it as much as possible.

Throughout the series, Laxus and Mirajane help each other become stronger and slayed together.

Personality & Appearance

Mirajane sitting on the beach while wearing a swimsuit
Mirajane in Swimsuit

Much like most girls in Fairy Tail, Mirajane is young, slim, and has average height. However, she has more of a mother-like role in the series. She is the one who always brings peace to the guild. She also ensures the safety of everyone.

Her outward personality is quite appealing and cute, and she has a "must-protect" energy. She's a dark gothic girl with long hair that reaches her chest and curls slightly at the end.

She also has huge blue eyes and a curvy, sexy body, and in the series, she's popular for her beauty because of her fairy-like dress and personality.

In her younger years, her nickname was "The Demon." Before her sister's death, she was quite deadly. Everyone would run away just from hearing her name. She dressed in a punk gothic style in her past and had a huge rivalry with Erza. However, the current Mirajane doesn't look anything like a punk.

Powers, Abilities, and Magic

Mirajane's in her Satan Soul form while staring at the enemy
Mirajane's Take Over Demon Form

Take Over is Mirajane's main ability. This magic type allows her to change her appearance and personality in seconds. She can become a literal demon and share this magic with her siblings Elfman and Lisanna.

She can also control demons and get them to explode, which is where her different abilities come in. Firstly, Mirajane's Satan Soul is a powerful spell where she turns into Satan herself. When she first activated it, the surrounding area was nothing but shambles.

She can kill anyone with her overwhelming ability, which is quite concerning to even the strongest guild members.

Her body forms scales when she uses the Satan Soul, and she suddenly has huge dragon arms. She also has wings and a gigantic tale that can be used to attack her opponents.

Initially, after using Satan's Soul, she would be tired for days. But this got better as the series progressed.

And if you thought her powers stopped there, you'd be wrong!

  • Sheer Strength: Mirajane's sheer strength is enough to destroy mountains. She can easily break through huge rocks with just her punches. When she threw a punch in her demonic form, a huge shock wave was created—enough to cause everyone to shake in fear. Her Take Over magic can destroy Elfman and even break through Kamika's God of Protection spell.
  • Wings: Mirajane can get a pair of wings that allow her to fly and combat enemies. Her wings are a lot like a bat, and she can go from place to place swiftly.
  • Durability: She's insanely durable. In her Takeover form, she is powerful enough to endure any form of abuse. She took many explosions in the series, and even when she took multiple big attacks, she won!
  • Satan Soul: Halphas: This Satan Soul form allows her to enhance her abilities further. With this spell, Mirajane could easily destroy a city and even her most powerful opponents.

Trivia About Mirajane

  • Mirajane loves to cook, but she hates cockroaches!
  • In the series, she considers Plue to be the strongest spirit ever.
  • Her favorite food is kimochi, and according to her, the texture of kimochi is lovely.
  • Mirajane doesn't like her demonic powers and never wants to use them.

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