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Dragon God of Infinity, Nothingness, Chaos, Ouroboros Dragon, Infinite Dragon God, Founder of Khaos Brigade


Ophis is the main antagonist turned ally in the light novel and anime series High School DxD. She is the Dragon God representing the principles of infinity, nothingness and chaos, birthed from the void of non-existence itself. Ophis is one of the most powerful dragons alongside Great Red, originally transcending even the Heavenly Dragons Ddraig and Albion.

Ophis formed the Khaos Brigade initially to defeat Great Red and reclaim her silent domain in the Dimensional Gap. However, after losing much of her power due to Samael's curse which created her clone Lilith, Ophis abandoned her original goals. She now resides with Issei's group as their friend and supporter.

Despite her immense power, Ophis was extremely apathetic and uncaring initially, focused solely on defeating Great Red. Born from nothingness, she lacked true emotions or attachments. Over time interacting with the human world, especially Issei, Ophis developed more humanity and innocent childlike quirks like enjoying sweets.

Personality & Appearance

Ophis wearing her purple colored dress during the first seasons of the show
Highschool DxD Season 1-3
Front, side and back view of Ophis on Highschool DxD HERO
Highschool DxD HERO

Originally an emotionless, apathetic existence born from nothingness, Ophis now appears as a cute loli with long black hair, grey reptilian eyes, pointed ears and a provocative Gothic Lolita dress exposing her breasts.

A true shapeshifter, Ophis can freely alter her body type, age, race and gender. She has developed an innocent, childlike persona - acting naively, mimicking behaviors, wandering off curiously and bluntly describing people. While brutally honest, Ophis has grown attached to Issei, showing glimmers of care.

Abilities & Powers

Ophis instantly disappears after shooting at Great Red with her hand
High school DxD Hero episode 0

As the Infinite Dragon God, Ophis wields nearly unlimited power and abilities including:

Infinite Power: Originally infinitely powerful, Ophis transcended the Heavenly Dragons. Even after losing over half her strength, she remained twice as strong.

Nigh-Invulnerability: With the might of infinity, Ophis has absolute invulnerability. She took no damage from the planet-destroying True Longinus.

Snake Manifestation: Ophis can manifest her chaotic dragon powers as black serpents able to bless others with immense power boosts.

Shapeshifting: A true shapeshifter, Ophis can freely alter her appearance, body type, age, and even gender at will.

Telepathy: She can communicate telepathically, aiding Issei in battle by chanting to unlock new powers.

Magic Nullification: Ophis' infinite aura naturally nullifies all magic and curses around her.

If she and Lilith combine power, they can temporarily regain Ophis' original infinite might, making her an unmatched force once more alongside Great Red and the omnipotent Trihexa.


  • Ophis can never be killed, only sealed, since she represents the fundamental concept of nothingness itself.
  • Her birthday represents the cycle of the new year, signifying her status as an infinite, eternal being.
  • Her name means "snake" in Greek, tying to her serpentine dragon theme and her basis the Ouroboros/World Serpent myth.
  • Ophis was originally planned to die resurrecting Issei but was made a mascot character after fans reacted to her cover art.
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