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The Blood Fiend, Former Partner of Denji


Power is the tritagonist of the Public Safety Saga in Chainsaw Man. She is a Blood Fiend, the current incarnation of the Blood Devil, who represents the fear of blood. Initially working for Makima, Power formed an unlikely friendship with the human/devil hybrid Denji.

Though narcissistic and self-serving at first, she genuinely came to care for Denji and her pet cat, Meowy. Power plays a key role in defying Makima's control over Denji before sacrificing herself to save him.

Personality and Appearance

Power striking a pose in her usual clothing

Power takes the form of a young woman with long blonde hair, pale skin, red horns, sharp teeth, and yellow cross-pupil eyes. She usually wears the standard Public Safety uniform disheveled. Despite her human-like appearance, Power is arrogant, greedy, and looks down on humans and other devils. She is motivated by self-interest, willing to betray anyone to get what she wants.

However, Power does develop real bonds, especially with Denji, who she sees as her first true friend. She is also deeply traumatized by the Darkness Devil. Under her brash exterior, Power has a childlike side and a fear of strong authority figures like Makima. Over time, her humanity grows.

Powers and Abilities

Power jumping off a building holding a makeshift hammer made of blood

As the Blood Devil, Power commands immense powers linked to blood manipulation and consumption:

  • Regeneration by consuming blood
  • Forming solid blood constructs like hammers, knives, spears
  • Controlling others' blood flow
  • Increased strength, speed, and senses
  • Reviving in Hell after being killed
  • Her Full Devil form has even greater blood abilities


  • Loves eating meat, hates vegetables
  • Pretended to be an actress to trick an enemy
  • Her name refers to the angelic "Powers" from Christianity
  • Personality inspired by Eric Cartman and Walter Sobchak
  • She was originally going to resemble Akane Sawatari's design

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