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Ravel Phenex

Phoenix Firestarter, Unstoppable Tactician, Blazing Bishop, Crimson Strategist
Ravel Phenex


Ravel Phenex is one of the main female protagonists in the light novel and anime series High School DxD. She is the only daughter and youngest child of the noble Phenex clan.

Initially introduced as the arrogant Bishop in Riser Phenex's peerage, Ravel develops feelings for Issei after witnessing his victory over her eldest brother. She is later traded to Lady Phenex, then to Issei, becoming his second Bishop and trusted advisor.

Born into the legendary Phenex clan of immortal Devils, Ravel inherited their signature regenerative abilities and control over hellfire. Despite her young age, she is highly intelligent, mature, and adept at strategy.

After joining Issei's peerage, Ravel takes on managerial duties like scheduling his activities and scouting potential allies. She develops strong romantic feelings but initially conceals them behind a tsundere front.

Ravel's brilliant tactics and peerless strategizing abilities earn her great respect, contributing crucially to many of Issei's victories in Rating Games through optimal positioning and precise power allocations.

Personality & Appearance

Ravel wearing her standard purple dress during the first three seasons
Highschool DxD Season 1-3
Ravel as she appears on High School DxD Hero
Highschool DxD HERO || Credits:

When first introduced, Ravel came across as spoiled, snobbish, and dismissive of Issei's abilities. However, she revealed a well-mannered, elegant demeanor devoted to assisting her brother, Riser.

After joining Issei, Ravel blossomed into a kind yet stern young woman. She is protective of Issei, vetting potential servants, scouting contracts, and micromanaging his activities with resolute focus.

Ravel retains an arrogant, stubborn streak, bickering childishly with Issei's other love interests, like Koneko, over his affections. But she backs this up with unparalleled strategist talents that secure hard-fought victories.

Her appearance matches her refined, ladylike manner. With a petite, toned physique, Ravel has long, twin-tailed blonde hair with drill curls and dark blue eyes. Her outfits are stylish yet modest, from purple dresses to the Kuoh uniform with her trademark black sweater.

During Rating Games, Ravel dons a crimson uniform featuring a red shirt, white tie, red skirt, purple cape, and satchel - fit for commanding the battlefield.

Powers & Abilities

Ravel uses her phoenix flame to change clothing instantly
Ravel uses hellfire to change instantly

Immortality: As a Phenex devil, Ravel can instantly regenerate from any wound through her clan's signature ability.

Hellfire Control: Ravel can generate and manipulate intense flames hotter than regular fire magic. Her fire is powerful enough to burn through dragon scales.

Aerial Combat: With wings of blazing fire, Ravel is highly mobile during aerial battles, raining down scorching attacks from above.

Defensive Magic: Ravel can erect barriers to protect herself and her allies from enemy assaults.

Genius Intellect: Her most formidable asset is a brilliant analytical mind that can predict foes' movements and devise optimal counterstrategies.

Master Tactician: Ravel is a peerless strategist on par with elite Rating Game professionals like Sona Sitri and Rudiger Rosenkreuz. She can craft airtight gambits that secure victories through precise troop positioning and power allocation.


  • Ravel's name, which means "God's healer," has Hebrew origins and reflects her fiery regenerative powers.
  • She was traded to Lady Phenex after Riser's defeat and again to Issei when he became a High-Class Devil.
  • Her hobbies include baking sweets, especially cakes.
  • Ravel aims to become Issei's concubine/wife alongside the other girls.
  • She loves competing with Issei's girls for his affection, getting flustered when she loses.
  • In the official popularity polls, Ravel ranked 6th among all heroines and couples with Issei.

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