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Raynare was a traitorous fallen angel and the main antagonist of the first arc. She disguised herself as the human "Yuuma Amano" to get close to Issei and attempt to kill him, seeing his Sacred Gear as a threat before being stopped by Rias Gremory. Cruel and sadistic, Raynare served as Issei's first betrayal that hardened his heart.

She was ordered to monitor Issei but disobeyed orders by seducing and attempting to kill him. After Issei's reincarnation, she stole Asia's Sacred Gear Twilight Healing before being defeated by Issei's Boosted Gear. She was killed by Rias's Power of Destruction after begging for her life.

Personality & Appearance

Side-by-side comparison of Raynare as Amano Yuuma and her fallen angel form
Raynare disguised as Amano Yuuma
Side-by-side comparison of Raynare as Amano Yuuma and her fallen angel form
Raynare's true fallen angel form

As her Yuuma disguise, Raynare appears outwardly sweet as an attractive teenage girl with long black hair reaching her hips. She typically wears her school uniform - a red blazer, white shirt, red bow, and short green skirt.

However, Raynare's true fallen angel form reveals her cruel, sadistic nature. She transforms into a more mature, voluptuous figure with darker, narrowed eyes. Her skimpy black leather outfit consists of straps around her large breasts, a thong connected by thin straps at the hips, long arm gloves with dangling chains, spiked shoulder guards, and thigh-high heeled boots.

Raynare's true personality is arrogant, deceptive, and mercilessly mocking towards those she sees as inferior. She manipulates Issei through feigned affection, cruelly laughing at his "naive childishness" after attempting to kill him.

Powers & Abilities

Raynare holding a spear made of dark energy
High School DxD episode 1

Light Weapons: As a fallen angel, Raynare can create numerous light spears and weapons that are extremely lethal to devils.
Memory Alteration: She wiped her existence as Yuuma from students' memories at Kuoh Academy.
Magic User: Skilled in various magic spells and techniques. Flight: Can fly using her fallen angel wings.


Twilight Healing (Temporary): Stole this powerful healing Sacred Gear from Asia before losing it.


  • Her name means "Evening Midday Star" or "Setting Sun," reflecting her dating Issei at sunset.
  • Alias Yuuma Amano means "Heaven's Evening Daze".
  • Her death had a profound psychological impact on Issei.

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