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The Bomb Girl, Lady Reze


Reze is a Bomb Hybrid sent from the Soviet Union as a spy to steal Chainsaw Man's heart. She initially appears as a kind, blushing girl smitten with Denji. But that was merely an act. Her true self is a cold, ruthless assassin prioritizing her mission above all.

Though she displayed some empathy towards Denji, Reze ultimately failed and was brainwashed by Makima into serving the Public Safety Devil Hunters. As a Bomb Hybrid, she possesses incredible destructive power to create devastating explosions from her own body.

Personality and Appearance

Reze pulls the pin on her neck, which causes her devil transformation

In human form, Reze is a slender young woman with shoulder-length purple hair and emerald green eyes. Her default gentle, caring personality masks a remorseless, mission-focused interior only displayed when operating as an assassin. Reze's Bomb Hybrid form resembles an atomic bomb, with dynamite and ordnance fusing into her body.

Reze's false persona aimed to manipulate Denji, acting caring yet coyly teasing and faking vulnerability to gain his trust and affection. However, her true personality is that of a merciless killer who nevertheless aims to avoid excessive bloodshed if possible. Despite her coldness, Reze displayed some empathy by missing a chance to flee with Denji.

Powers and Abilities

Reze's true Bomb Hybrid abilities grant her a terrifying array of explosive powers and enhanced physical capabilities. Her human guise betrays none of this immense destructive potential.

  • Transformation into Atomic Bomb Hybrid Form
  • Explosion Creation and Explosive Propulsion
  • Augmented Strength, Speed, and Durability in Hybrid Form
  • Self-Detonation and Torpedo Limb Transformation
  • Blood Consumption for Rapid Regeneration
  • Nigh-Immortal Hybrid Physiology
  • Enhanced Physical Abilities
  • Proficiency in Knifemanship and Hand-to-Hand Combat


  • Reze can only use her explosion abilities when dry, as moisture prevents her spark.
  • Her name refers to both "raze" (destroy) and the Russian word for "sliding pin" that activates her.
  • Reze was originally conceived for an earlier story idea by the author before Chainsaw Man.
  • Her introductory Bomb Girl arc was inspired by the suicide bombing scene in Jin-Roh.

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