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Former Valkyrie, Bodyguard to Odin, 100-Yen Shop Valkyrie, Kuoh Academy Teacher, Red Dragon Emperor's Rook


Rossweisse is one of the main female protagonists in the light novel and anime series High School DxD. She is a former Valkyrie who served as Odin's bodyguard in Asgard. After being abandoned by Odin, she joins the Occult Research Club at Kuoh Academy as Rias Gremory's second Rook alongside Koneko Toujou. Following Issei Hyoudou's promotion to High-Class Devil, Rossweisse now serves as his first Rook and is also one of his fiancées.

Despite her beauty and status as a Valkyrie, Rossweisse was inept at gathering the souls of fallen warriors for Valhalla. She instead pursued academic studies, rapidly finishing high school and college education. Her prodigious talents lay in offensive magic, particularly Norse elemental spells, which exceeded even Rias and Akeno's abilities.

As Odin's escort, Rossweisse was mistreated by her Valkyrie peers who saw her as a mere servant girl. After the Valhalla incident, Odin leaves her in the human world where she is persuaded by Rias to become her devil servant and a teacher at Kuoh Academy.

Personality & Appearance

Rossweisse wearing her Valkyrie armor
Highschool DxD Season 1-3
Rossweisse in her Kuoh Academy teacher outfit
Highschool DxD HERO

Rossweisse embodies a stern, professional personality focused on her work as a teacher. However, she is extremely self-conscious about never having a boyfriend, lashing out angrily when teased about it. Despite her maturity, Rossweisse has little tolerance for vulgar behavior and is highly susceptible to alcohol intoxication.

She displays a quirky, endearing side with her obsession for cheap sales, prompting Issei to dub her the "100-Yen Shop Valkyrie." Rossweisse lets her hair down on dates with Issei, acting her age in a cutely shy manner. After falling for him, she engages in perverted antics like wearing lingerie to bed.

Befitting her Valkyrie heritage, Rossweisse is a stunning young woman with long, straight silver hair and aqua eyes. At Kuoh Academy, she wears a simple business suit. In battle, Rossweisse dons her classic Valkyrie armor comprising a white breastplate with accents, a black leotard, thigh-high stockings, and wing-shaped hair clips.

Powers & Abilities

Rossweisse casting a powerful elemental spell
Rossweisse magic burst spell

As a former Valkyrie and Rook, Rossweisse wields immense magic reserves and physical abilities:

Magic Genius: A prodigy in Norse magic, Rossweisse exceeds Rias and Akeno in mastering rune, gandol, and seiz offensive spells. Her intricate magic circles enhance her spells' power.

Elemental Magic: Fire, ice, lightning, wind, light and explosive magic are her specialties, allowing destructive ranged attacks.

Defensive Magic: Rossweisse's barriers can shield against Balance Breakers. She can negate harmful effects from holy objects temporarily.

Sealing Magic: After studying Asia's Evil Dragons, Rossweisse can seal the movements of mass-produced Evil Dragons and other powerful foes within barriers.

Teleportation, Summoning & Enhancement Magic: Proficient in these supportive spell types as well.

Rook Traits: Her Rook piece grants her immense strength, speed, defense and endurance boosted further by magic reinforcement.

Mistilteinn Wand (Equipment): This powerful wand amplifies Rossweisse's already formidable magic to levels rivaling chief Valkyries.

After intensive training, Rossweisse has grown into a tremendously powerful fighter whose offensive spells and defensive barriers make her an invaluable ally to Issei's peerage.


  • Rossweisse desires to open her own Norse magic school business and train new Valkyries.
  • Her dream is to build a discount mega-store selling all kinds of goods in her homeland.
  • She has her own popular DeviTube channel reviewing 100-yen merchandise.
  • Among Issei's fiancées, Rossweisse is the only one who didn't fall for him after he saved her as she already loved him before their engagement.
  • She aims to have Issei's children before the other girls in a playful rivalry.

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