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Sajuna Inui

Juju (cosplay name)
Sajuna Inui


Sajuna Inui is a supporting character in My Dress-Up Darling. Despite being a second-year high school student, she has a petite, child-like appearance that often leads to her being mistaken for a much younger girl. Sajuna is a popular online cosplayer known by the alias "Juju," specializing in portraying magical girls and primary school characters. After seeing Wakana Gojo's work on Marin Kitagawa's cosplay, she also seeks him out to create outfits for her.

Personality & Appearance

Front view of Sajuna Inui wearing her school uniform

Sajuna has a youthful appearance with smooth pale skin, large hazel eyes framed by long eyelashes, and pale pink hair worn half in pigtails and half long. She typically wears a red serafuku (sailor suit) with a yellow bow and long black knee socks.

Despite her child-like looks, Sajuna is headstrong, blunt, and quick-tempered. She dislikes being treated as a child and can be harsh when expressing her opinions. Sajuna is deeply passionate about cosplay, taking it seriously and loving to portray characters she adores. Her dream of becoming a "magical girl" stems from childhood admiration of anime characters.

While initially coming across as abrasive, Sajuna is capable of genuine politeness and friendship. She cares deeply for her younger sister, Shinju, and eventually forms bonds with Wakana and Marin. Sajuna can be shy about expressing her true feelings, displaying some tsundere tendencies.


  • Sajuna's name can mean "silken longevity leaf" in Japanese.
  • She prefers posting cosplay photos online rather than attending events.
  • Her younger sister, Shinju, acts as her photographer and manages her online presence.
  • Sajuna fears thunder and scary places but tries to hide it.
  • She attends an all-girls high school and is inexperienced with interacting with boys her age.

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