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Serafall Leviathan

Satan Girl, Satan Pink, Ultimate Female Devil, Atlantic Empress, Greatest Female Devil, Magical Girl Levi-tan
Serafall Leviathan


Serafall Leviathan, formerly known as Serafall Sitri, is the current Satan with the title of "Leviathan" and the older sister of Sona Sitri. Despite her mature appearance, she has a very childlike personality and is obsessed with magical girls. Serafall cosplays constantly, starring in her own TV show "Miracle☆Levia-tan" and ending most sentences with a ★.

As one of the Seven Great Satans ruling the Underworld, Serafall is an ultimate-class Devil regarded as the strongest female alive. Her overwhelming demonic powers allow her to freeze entire regions with ice magic like her Celsius Cross Trigger technique. She also wields supreme mastery over water manipulation.

During the war against the Old Satan Faction, Serafall sided with the Anti-Satan group. After their victory, she was promoted to Satan Leviathan, losing her position as heir to the Sitri clan. At Kuoh Academy, she works as a teacher while embarrassing Sona with her outrageous magical girl antics.

Personality & Appearance

Serafall wearing her magical girl costume
High School DxD Season 1-3
Serafall wearing her Kuoh Academy teacher uniform
High School DxD HERO

Serafall appears to be a beautiful girl in her late teens. She has a petite, childlike body coupled with large breasts. Her long black hair is styled into twin tails, and she has blue eyes (pink in the anime). Serafall's iconic magical girl outfit is an off-the-shoulders dress/skirt combo accented in pink, black, and yellow, with a pointed hat, thigh-high boots, wand, and cheek markings.

In direct contrast to her mature looks, Serafall behaves extremely childishly, fueled by her obsession with the magical girl genre. She also has a deep sister complex, dotingly calling Sona "So-tan" while putting her in humiliating situations.

However, Serafall can also be selfless and determined. She once decided not to say goodbye to Sona to avoid losing her resolve. She is talented as an actress and a diplomat, and her "idol charisma" makes her effective as the former Satan of Foreign Affairs. Despite her cute antics, Serafall is incredibly powerful, having sided with the Anti-Satan faction that toppled the old Satanic government.

Powers & Abilities

Serafall transforming her clothes to the magical girl costume
High School DxD

Immense Demonic Power: As a top-tier Satan, Serafall possesses vastly overwhelming demonic power able to destroy nations effortlessly.

Water Magic Master: Her supreme Water magic allows Serafall to control all aspects of the oceans, summoning massive water dragons, sea monsters, high-pressure currents, and more.

Ice Magic Master: Though the Sitri clan specializes in water abilities, Serafall's mastery over ice magic is unmatched, instantly freezing entire regions.

Celsius Cross Trigger: This signature move allows Serafall to freeze the very land itself, creating a frozen wonderland across a vast area.

Vast Magical Abilities: Fire, defense, enhancement, teleportation, and many other magical disciplines are part of her prodigious skills.

Immense Strength: Serafall is regarded as the strongest female Devil alive, having overpowered Satan-class fighter Grayfia to earn her Leviathan position.


Magical Staff: Serafall's powerful staff has many versatile transformation and activation abilities that are still unrevealed. It has responded to her feelings in dire moments, unleashing impressive powers.

Magic Wand: As a magical girl devotee, Serafall uses the spiral-tipped wand to cast spells during her performances and battles while in costume.


  • Her TV show "Miracle☆Levia-tan" rivals Issei's Oppai Dragon series in popularity.
  • The only known member of Serafall's peerage is the monster Behemoth.
  • She added the "-tan" honorific to Sona's name as a pun on "Leviathan."
  • Her fashion choices and childish attitude often embarrass the serious Sona.

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