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Sona Sitri

So (by Serafall), Souna Shitori, Glasses Girl
Sona Sitri


Sona Sitri is Satan Serafall Leviathan's younger sister and the former heir to the Sitri clan before becoming its current head. She is Rias Gremory's childhood friend and rival and attended Kuoh Academy as the Student Council President.

As a pure-blooded Devil from the prestigious Sitri family, Sona wields powerful water-based abilities. She can freely manipulate liquids to create various constructs like dragons, wolves, and lions. But Sona's true talent lies in her unparalleled strategic mind, allowing her to command her peerage with masterful tactics that compensate for their lower strength.

Sona is highly intelligent with a calm, professional demeanor that contrasts with her older sister's childish antics. She takes nothing lightly, whether Council matters or devilish affairs, disciplining her servants harshly. Despite her strictness, Sona is compassionate, generous, and extremely dedicated to realizing her dream of founding a rating game school accessible to all Devils.

After graduating, Sona focused on establishing Auros Academy while continuing to develop her skills. She is one of the elite "Rookies Four," comprised of the strongest young Devils of her generation.

Personality & Appearance

Sona Sitri wearing her Kuoh Academy school uniform
High School DxD Seasons 1-3

Sona is a bespectacled young woman with a slim figure, chin-length black hair styled in a neat bob cut, and striking violet eyes. Her typical look is the Kuoh Academy uniform comprising a white long-sleeved button-down shirt with black highlights accented by a black bow and a green shoulder cape.

In contrast to her elegant appearance, Sona has a stern, no-nonsense personality and is meticulously dedicated to her studies and duties. She is extremely strict with her servants, harshly disciplining them, like spanking her Pawn Saji for disobedience. Sona does not take anything lightly and has a businesslike attitude, whether dealing with the Student Council or devilish affairs.

However, Sona also has a kind and compassionate side, helping Saji's family after his grandfather passed away. Despite being embarrassed by her childish antics, she cares deeply for her older sister, Serafall. Sona's emotions can get the better of her at times, such as when she recklessly charges to protect Auros Academy or displays a fragile ego when her baking is criticized.

Overall, Sona embodies a stern yet caring personality dedicated to her dream of founding a Rating Game school to provide further education opportunities for all Devils, not just the elite.

Powers & Abilities

Sona conjures a water serpent to fight for her

Demonic Power: As a High-Class Devil, Sona has immense demonic powers bolstered by intense training to become one of the elite "Rookies Four."

Water Magic Master: Sona is a master of water magic. She can freely control and shape liquids into myriad forms like hawks, serpents, lions, wolves, and gigantic dragons. Her control over water volumes surpasses even Rias.

Leviathan: Sona can conjure the massive water dragon Leviathan to spit compressed water blasts and stakes and breathe powerful ranged attacks.

Prodigious Intellect: Sona's true forte is her brilliant genius intellect, which she applies to strategies, academics, and teaching.

Master Strategist: A peerless tactician, Sona can command her peerage through intricate plans and powerful combination attacks to battle foes of greater strength. She formulated strategies that allowed her team to fight evenly with Rias' group.

Master Educator: Sona is an exceptional teacher focused on establishing Auros Academy as a place where even low-class Devils can receive higher education.

Flight: Like all Devils, Sona can fly using her wings.


  • Sona hopes to open the first Rating Game school for all Devils.
  • She broke off an arranged marriage by defeating her fiancé in chess.
  • Sona is a notoriously terrible cook who uses odd ingredient combinations.
  • Her alias, "Souna Shitori," plays on her real name's pronunciation.
  • She uploads tutorial videos on baking sweets to DeviTube.

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