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Sorano "Angel"

Angel, Celestial Spirit Mage


Sorano is one of the most captivating characters from Fairy Tail, renowned for her beauty and intelligence. A former Celestial Spirit Mage, Sorano uses Angel Magic to enchant those around her, making her a standout character in the series.

Originally a member of Oración Seis, one of the most powerful dark guilds, Sorano embodies the celestial qualities Lucy Heartfilia aspired to achieve. She was instrumental in forming the Reborn Oración Seis, showcasing her influence and strength.

Later, Sorano joined Crime Sorcière with her previous guild members, continuing her journey of growth and redemption. Fans adore Sorano not just for her striking appearance and magnetic personality but also for her significant character development throughout the series.

As Angel Sorano, she mesmerizes with her looks and formidable magic. Her intriguing backstory and evolution make her one of the most fascinating and powerful characters in Fairy Tail.

Appearance & Personality

Sorano stands in a mocking tone while making her opponent uncomfortable
Sorano Standing and Lifting her Arms

Sorano's appearance evolves significantly throughout the Fairy Tail series. Initially, she is depicted as a beautiful young girl wearing a dress adorned with white frills and a collar with a blouse. Her attire features delicate white feathers, enhancing her ethereal beauty. Sorano's pale skin, brown eyes, and stunning silver hair contribute to her angelic appearance.

As the series progresses into the year X791, Sorano undergoes notable changes. She becomes taller, her hair grows longer, cascades down her back, and transforms into a gorgeous light blue. Her new appearance retains the wings on her dress, albeit smaller, but she remains as stunning as ever.

Beyond her looks, Sorano's personality captivates fans. Initially, she was a kind girl who supported her little sister through difficult times. However, her personality takes a dark turn after joining Oración Seis. She becomes cruel, arrogant, and sadistic, treating spirits poorly and resenting Lucy Heartfilia for her kindness toward them.

Despite her angelic appearance, Sorano's behavior starkly contrasts with an angel's. She is a logical and strategic thinker, preferring to gather information about her enemies before engaging in battle, showcasing her formidable nature.

Her disillusionment with the world is evident when she expresses a deep hatred for it and considers being human a sin. Her obsession with angels drives her to adorn herself with angel wings, symbolizing her ideal of perfection.

However, Sorano experiences significant character development after reuniting with her little sister. She becomes more compassionate, displaying extreme attachment and affection toward her sibling. This growth highlights Sorano's complexity and makes her one of the most intriguing characters in Fairy Tail.

Powers & Abilities

Sorano unleashes her attack with an orange and yellow aura on her back
Sorano Unleashing her Attack

Sorano wields Angel Magic, a powerful yet perilous ability that allows her to summon deadly beings using golden Angel Coins. Each coin represents a portion of Sorano's lifespan, and summoning stronger entities requires more coins.

Sorano's dominance with her abilities is evident, particularly when she cornered Ichiya from the Blue Pegasus guild. However, a dark aspect of her power is that if one of her summoned beings is defeated, the coins disintegrate, causing Sorano immense pain.

Here are some of her notable abilities:

Hammer Angel:

This ability requires two gold coins. When activated, Sorano summons a powerful angel wielding a massive hammer. While not her strongest move, Sorano uses Hammer Angel frequently due to its reliability.


Summoning Raguel demands ten gold coins. This formidable angel boasts a giant pair of wings, four arms, and seven heads, making it one of the strongest tools in Sorano's arsenal.

Celestial Spirit Magic:

In addition to Angel Magic, Sorano excels in Celestial Spirit Magic, similar to Lucy Heartfilia. This magic allows her to summon celestial beings from the spirit world, and she possesses extensive knowledge of these spirits. For instance, during a battle where Lucy summoned Aquarius, Sorano countered by summoning Scorpio, Aquarius's boyfriend, leading to a humorous date between the spirits.

Trivia about Sorano

  • Sorano is the only female member of the Oración Seis guild.
  • She was a Celestial Spirit Mage until Lucy defeated her.
  • Sorano was one of the slaves who constructed the Tower of Heaven.
  • She can truly fly thanks to her angelic abilities.

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