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Tsubaki Shinra

Sona's Queen, User of Mirror Alice
Tsubaki Shinra


Tsubaki Shinra is a first-year college student who served as the Vice President of Kuoh Academy's Student Council and is the powerful Queen in Sona Sitri's peerage.

Born into the ancient Shinra clan that purified evil spirits, Tsubaki was ostracized because her Sacred Gear, Mirror Alice, attracted abnormal beings. She overcame this by becoming a devil under Sona, changing the nature of her Sacred Gear.

As a Queen, Tsubaki possesses immense magical abilities enhanced by the Knight, Rook, and Bishop traits. She can use defensive magic and teleportation to reinforce her strength and speed and keep pace with skilled fighters like Kiba and Xenovia. Tsubaki also wields the powerful Mirror Alice and its Balance Breaker Nostalgia Mad Tea Party to summon demonic mirrors with various effects.

Tsubaki is deeply loyal to Sona, maintaining a serious, professional demeanor in contrast with her shyness around her love interest, Yuuto Kiba. She hopes to become an Independent King ruling her territory one day.

Personality & Appearance

Tsubaki Shinra wearing her Kuoh Academy school uniform
High School DxD season 1-3

Tsubaki is a beautiful young woman with an elegant appearance. Her very long black hair extends to her knees, and split bangs frame her face.

In keeping with her refined looks, Tsubaki has a calm, serious personality akin to Sona's. She is intensely devoted to her master, maintaining a professional front as the diligent Vice President. Tsubaki is rarely seen smiling or dropping her composed demeanor.

However, she has a surprisingly shy side that emerges around her love interest, Yuuto Kiba. Tsubaki becomes flustered and meek when interacting with the younger boy she has fallen for, completely contrary to her usual self. She can also be sensitive about this, pleading with Ravel to stop reading a manga depicting Kiba's friendship with Issei.

Despite her regal aura, Tsubaki dreams of becoming an independent High-Class Devil with her own territory and peerage rather than simply being a Queen.

Powers & Abilities

Tsubaki using Mirror Alice to deflect a fire blast

Immense Demonic Power: As a Queen, Tsubaki wields extremely high demonic power to maintain barriers alongside her King, Sona.

Magical Prowess: Tsubaki specializes in defensive and teleportation magic, easily erecting barriers and shielding others from harm. She is highly skilled in other magical disciplines as well.

Enhanced Strength & Defense: The Rook trait granted by her Queen piece gives Tsubaki profoundly increased physical strength and durability.

Enhanced Speed: Tsubaki can fight at extremely high speeds thanks to the Knight's ability from her Queen piece, keeping pace with skilled combatants.

Magic Enhancement: The Bishop aspect of the Queen piece amplifies Tsubaki's magical abilities even further.

Mirror Alice: Tsubaki's Sacred Gear creates a powerful mirror that, if destroyed, reflects double the damage at the attacker. It later evolves to summon multiple mirrors simultaneously.

Nostalgia Mad Tea Party: Her Balance Breaker unleashes various demon summons with different abilities like sleep gas, confusion, and hallucinations.

Naginata Master: Tsubaki is highly skilled in wielding her naginata polearm and can fight on par with sword masters like Kiba and Xenovia.


  • Tsubaki hopes to someday become an independent High-Class Devil ruling her territory.
  • She is one of the few Queens who possesses her own Sacred Gear.
  • Tsubaki is considered a Technique Counter-type fighter in Rating Games.
  • Her name meanings allude to her Shinra clan's spiritual roots of purification.

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