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Ultear Milkovich

The Time Wizard, Daughter of Ur, Leader of Seven Kin of Purgatory
Ultear Milkovich


Ultear Milkovich is also "mommy" to many Fairy Tail fans. She is among the most beautiful-looking females in the series, mainly because of her cold demeanor. In the series, we see two sides of Ultear: the pre-time and post-time skip. And she remains beautiful in both.

Fairy Tail's Ultear Milkovich is the daughter of Ur, a teacher of Gray Fullbuster, who is quite important in the series. However, her links to Ultear surprised everyone.

Ultear was a former member of the Magic Council and the Grimoire Heart. She was also the leader of the Seven Kin of Purgatory, which sounds dark because she was in the Dark Guild but decided to part ways and become an independent Mage.

Physical Appearance and Personality

Ultear in a purple dress while holding an orb in her hand
Ultear With Her Orb

Ultear Milkovich's hot physical appearance is one of a kind in the Fairy Tail world. She has gorgeous pale skin with dark purple hair, brown eyes, and a quite curvy figure that captures the hearts of many.

Ultear wears a revealing long dress with a striped pattern that only complements her beauty. However, things get much hotter when she changes into a battle suit.

This suit is sexy! It has a sleeveless and tight-skin design that would make you fall in love with Ultear. The suit has three main sections, which include the main body, the legs, and a black pattern, making Ultear utterly stunning.

It also has a pretty matching headband that makes Ultear look even more gorgeous and just the BOMB. The accompanying gray wrist-guards can be used to provide Larima.

According to Gray Fullbuster, who was a student of Ur, she resembles her mother a lot. This is one of the reasons why Gray was even interested in Ultear.

As far as Ultear's personality goes, it makes her even more unique. Ultear was the biggest manipulator in the series. She was angry, ruthless, and full of revenge. She would even go as far as to call her mother a weakling.

Ultear had a horrible rage with an interestingly dominant personality. But years later, after all the mess, she's now calm. She's noticeably calm with Meredy, who is another member of her group. She is also more laid back and easygoing but still has a pint of craziness to her.

Also worth noting is after X791 years, she doesn't have a tattoo from Grimoire Heart anymore. It's been replaced by the one from Crime Sorcière.

Powers & Abilities

Ultear and Gray starring at each other intensely
Ultear and Gray Fullbuster

Arc of Time is Ultear's main ability. It is a lost magic that helps her manipulate the time of both movable and non-movable objects. In theory, using her ability, Ultear can bring anything back or forward in time.

If that seems problematic, wait till you hear about her other abilities that make her lethal. According to Ultear, her magic is perfect for fighting against Elemental mages.

In the Magic World, she could turn sad childhood memories into happy ones with her special ability. I guess her main ability could also be Ultear gaslighting herself. But after the time skip, her abilities couldn't change anyone directly.

  • Restore

With her Restore Magic, Ultear can return any inorganic items to their original state. For example, if there's a destroyed ship, she can return it in the blink of an eye.

She uses the Restore magic with her eyes and completely slays.

  • Telekinesis:

Ultear uses her orbs to send objects to the future. She can move the object as she wishes, which makes this attack quite lethal. She can even stop it by stopping the very time.

  • Ice-Make:

Ice Make is an ability that resembles her mother's. With this ability, Ultear can create plants and flowers of ice to attack her opponents. She attacked Gray by creating flowers made of ice in the Tenrou Island arc.

Trivia about Ultear

  • Ultear's name in the English translation of the manga is "Urtear." It came from "Ur's Tear," but she changed her name around her mother's death.
  • While she has brown eyes for the most part, in the Anime, she has red eyes.
  • Ultear has killed countless people and guilds while she was a member of Grimoire Heart.
  • After the time skip, Ultear accepted all her mistakes and moved on to make things better.

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