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Vali Lucifer

Descendant of Lucifer, White Dragon Emperor, Half-Human Half-Devil Hybrid, Wielder of Divine Dividing
Vali Lucifer


Vali Lucifer is one of the main male protagonists of the light novel and anime series High School DxD. He is the descendant of the original Lucifer and a half-human, half-devil hybrid, granting him incredible demonic power and the Longinus Sacred Gear Divine Dividing, which holds the Vanishing Dragon Albion.

As the White Dragon Emperor, Vali leads his team, originally affiliated with the Khaos Brigade, before joining Issei Hyoudou's DxD alliance. He is Issei's chief rival, wielding the polar opposite power that divides and weakens opponents.

Personality & Appearance

Side-by-side appearance of Vali in the first three seasons and High School DxD HERO
Highschool DxD Season 1-3
Side-by-side appearance of Vali in the first three seasons and High School DxD HERO
Highschool DxD HERO

Vali is a handsome young man with hazel eyes (light blue in the anime) and light silver hair (dark silver in seasons 2-3). His casual attire consists of a dark green V-neck shirt, a high-collared black leather jacket, burgundy jeans with a silver chain, black leather chaps with three bands on his right calf, and buckled black shoes. As a Devil, Vali has eight black bat-like wings on his back.

Initially portraying a cold, arrogant, and ruthless personality, Vali displays a calmer, caring side deeply attached to his comrades. His overconfident, battle-obsessed nature stems from a mix of Lucifer's pride and the trauma of his unhappy childhood. In his various dragon armor forms, he takes on the appearance of a white-armored dragon warrior. His most powerful form is the Diabolos Dragon Lucifer form, which gives him black and silver organic-style armor with 12 Lucifer devil wings.

Though prideful of his Lucifer lineage, Vali is more humble than other Satan descendants, understanding his limits. He respects worthy opponents like Issei, whose happiness with family and friends Vali secretly envies from his loneliness.

Despite a brutal upbringing, Vali retains a compassionate side, saving Asia's life and even protecting his abusive parents out of residual love. As he interacts with Issei's group, Vali becomes more open and lighthearted while maintaining his battle-maniac habits and obsession with ramen noodles.

Powers & Abilities

Vali is in his balance breaker armor using the divine divide
High School DxD New episode 6

As the White Dragon Emperor and descendant of Lucifer, Vali wields a deadly combination of abilities:

Immense Demonic Power: Vali's Lucifer bloodline grants him overwhelming demonic power exceeding normal Satan descendants.

Divine Dividing (Longinus): This pair of dragon wings allows Vali to halve opponents' power every 10 seconds, adding it to his power infinitely.

Balance Breaker - Scale Mail: Activating Divine Dividing's Balance Breaker covers Vali in white dragon armor for enhanced dividing abilities.

Magic Master: A genius in both demonic and Norse magic styles, able to nullify spells and erect sturdy defenses.

Juggernaut Drive: Temporarily removing his Longinus' seal grants Vali the mighty Juggernaut Drive form, though at risk of going berserk.

Empireo Juggernaut Overdrive: Vali's strengthened evolution of Juggernaut Drive with silver armor that places less strain on his body.

DxD Lucifer Form: Combining Albion's power with Lucifer's power from Ophis' blessing gives Vali his ultimate Diabolos Dragon Lucifer state with 12 devil wings.

Compression Divider: Continuously halves a target's existence until the entity vanishes from reality.


  • Vali's name relates to both the Norse god Váli, son of Odin, and the son of Indra, who could cut opponents' power in half.
  • He writes chuunibyou-style journals containing eccentric phrases, techniques, and philosophies he embraced as a child.
  • Among his desired future opponents are Dulio Gesualdo, Crom Cruach, and Nezha.
  • Vali was given the humorous nickname "Butt Dragon Emperor," playing off his relative disinterest in women's breasts compared to Issei.

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