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Xenovia Quarta

Holy Sword Durandal Wielder, Dual Holy Swords of Destruction, Slashing Princess Warrior, Red Dragon Emperor's Knight
Xenovia Quarta


Xenovia Quarta is one of the main female protagonists in the light novel and anime series High School DxD. She is a third-year high school student at Kuoh Academy and a natural-born Holy Sword wielder who initially wielded the Durandal.

After being excommunicated from the Church due to learning about God's death, she joined the Occult Research Club as Rias Gremory's second Knight alongside Yuuto Kiba. Following Issei Hyoudou's promotion to a High-Class Devil, Xenovia now serves under him as his first Knight and is also one of his fiancées.

Born as a human, Xenovia was raised from childhood in the ways of the Church and trained extensively as the wielder of the powerful holy sword Durandal by her legal guardian Griselda Quarta. She eventually became an exorcist partnered with Irina Shidou.

After joining the Occult Research Club, Xenovia developed strong feelings for Issei, drawn by his desire to protect his comrades. She becomes highly flirtatious and openly wants to bear his children.

Personality & Appearance

Front view of Xenovia from High School DxD Seasons 1 to 3
Highschool DxD Season 1-3
Front view of Xenovia in High School DxD HERO
Highschool DxD HERO || Credits:

When first introduced, Xenovia had a serious, mission-focused demeanor, speaking only when necessary. She was cold to the point of heartlessness, calling Asia a "witch" for becoming a devil against her will and threatening future allies like Kiba.

After joining the Occult Research Club, Xenovia developed a very close friendship with the kind-hearted Asia, apologizing for her past cruelty.

Her hormonal cluelessness is shown when she brings condoms to school, openly wanting to birth strong children with Issei. As the series progresses, Xenovia's romantic feelings for Issei deepen due to his protectiveness of comrades even at risk to himself.

Xenovia is a beautiful young woman with chin-length blue hair featuring a dyed green fringe on the right side and brown eyes (dark yellow in the anime). Her battle attire consists of a black, skintight short-sleeved unitard with shoulder pads, matching fingerless gloves extending to her biceps, and thigh-high boots adorned with straps.

As a member of Issei's peerage during Rating Games, Xenovia wears a uniform of a red button shirt, white tie, red shorts, black waist cape and purple shoulder cape.

Powers & Abilities

Xenovia uses Durandal Cannon during battle
Xenovia using Durandal Cannon || High School DxD Hero Episode 10

Natural Holy Sword Wielder: As a rare human born with the ability, Xenovia can wield any holy sword without the need for artificial means.

Master Swordswoman: Highly skilled in swordsmanship, especially dual-wielding. She combines overwhelming sword strikes with her sword's destructive powers.

Immense Strength: Years of grueling Church training gave Xenovia superb arm strength to easily wield heavy holy swords.

Enhanced Speed: Xenovia's superhuman speed is further boosted as a Knight. However, she is slower than technique-focused Knights like Kiba.


Ex-Durandal being summoned by Xenovia
Ex-Durandal | High School DxD Hero

Durandal: Xenovia's primary weapon, this blue broadsword with a golden edge focuses her destructive power.

Ex-Durandal: The upgraded Durandal combined with the seven Excalibur shards, granting both their powers once mastered.

True Excalibur: The actual Excalibur blade Xenovia summons for dual-wielding.

Ascalon: Formerly borrowed Issei's holy sword to channel Durandal's aura.

Excalibur Destruction: Her initial weapon, was discarded after becoming a devil but later returned and fused into Ex-Durandal.

Crimson Destruction Dragonar: Her own powerful dragon knight armor created by syncing with Issei.


  • Her birthday is February 14th, Valentine's Day.
  • Xenovia is the second main Italian character after Asia Argento.
  • As Student Council President and Asia as Occult Research Club President, their relationship mirrors Rias and Sona's.
  • Her sword skills are considered on par with a High-Class Devil by Azazel.
  • She has a poor sleeping posture, often kicking Issei out of bed.
  • Xenovia aims to have Issei's child before Rias.

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